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Work Truck Continued Contact Service

You might think this is enough to generate repeat business.  It is if you are the sole source for the vehicle.  But if you are not, then it takes more, it takes relationship building.

As you know, work trucks are a repeat purchase item. Continuing a relationship with your past clients will help ensure future sales opportunities. 

There is no secret to building such a relationship.  The most important thing you want to convey to these buyers is that they are more to you than just another sale. 

The tried and true method for proving this is by continuing communication with them.

Continued Contact Service

This service is designed to maintain communications with your past buyers, helping ensure future sales opportunities. This service includes a monthly email to your clients. But is much more than that, see relevant details below.  

  • Each client will receive an individual email, not a group email.
  • The email will start with “Dear,” which is always a good, professional option—along with the name of the person receiving the email.  Including their name is more personal and shows that you care about the business relationship.
  • The email body will end with “Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.”
  • The signature will be “Sincerely,” and your name and phone number. 
  • The body of the email will be specific to work trucks.  For instance:
    •  Information from the truck or body manufacturer. 
    • Information about your work truck dealership.
    • Loyalty coupons.
    • Information about you personally.
    • Section 179
    • Seasonal considerations for work trucks. 
    • etc. 
Optional Services
  • Postcard mailings.
  • Letter mailings.
  • Invitation mailings.
  • List management.  For instance, one client purchased a list of HVAC businesses in their area. It was used for HVAC specific mailings.