Our Work Truck Inventory System

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Standard Package Inventory Features 

Your Domain

The dealer selects and registers the URL to use. The generated SEO is yours now and in the future.

Vehicle Entry

The Standard Package offers manual vehicle entry, with full edit capabilities, and photo uploading. (DMS auto load can be added as an option.)

Truck Types

The dealer selects what truck types to include in their inventory. These can be changed as needed, at no charge. 

Search Results Page

Search Results Page (SRP) features valuable vehicle information which includes a custom vehicle title, highlighted sales message, wheelbase, cab-to-axle, GVWR, cab type, drive type, …

Truck Type Build  Form

A truck type search, for example a search for box trucks, will offer a truck type specific build/find form for the buyer to complete. This form will appear at the bottom of the SRP, after the final vehicle or the out-of-stock statement, if no vehicles exist for the selected search type.

Vehicle Detail Page

Vehicle’s Detail Page (VDP) features the same information as on the SRP, plus additional vehicle information.  It also offers a full set of vehicle images and links to various associated vehicle forms.

In-Line SRP Ads

These are dealer created ads, which are inserted between vehicle ads on the SRP.  Buyers viewing your inventory will not miss these ads.

The Advanced Search, found on the SRP, will search for, and return, vehicles matching a search for Wheelbase, Cab-to-Axle, Body Code or VIN.

Standard Package Inventory Management Reports

The “Hits” report shows the number of views for each vehicle’s detail page (VDP), in a given time period.  Knowing which vehicles are getting views and which are not, can help you address vehicles getting few, if any, “Hits”.


The Truck Type Search report shows the number of searches for each truck type.  Knowing how truck types are trending in your market can help you make, and defended, stocking decisions.

Google Analytics is included so that you know if your inventory is generating  the type of Internet traffic needed in order to make your dealership a success.  If it is not generating the needed traffic, it is best to know sooner than later, and work at addressing that issue before it becomes an issue.

The Inventory Valuation report values your inventory by invoice price, MSRP or sell price.  The summary version groups the inventory value by truck type.

The Aging report sorts your inventory from oldest to newest. The summary report groups the vehicles into set age ranges.  This report can be shown by individual truck type which can provide additional information for evaluation.

The DIYS report shows the average number of days each truck type resides in your inventory before being sold.  This helps justify , and defend, stocking decisions.

The Truck Type report shows how each truck is categorized in your inventory.  This ensures each vehicle is accurately categorized, which insures buyers find every vehicle in your inventory that might meet their needs.  Without this type of report the only other ways of knowing vehicles are categorized correctly is by going through your vehicle inventory one vehicle at a time.

This report shows pricing for a vehicle and offers manual updating.  Pricing updates can be locked, which is very important if your pricing is being updated automatically by DMS load. 

The Cab Chassis report only includes the cab chassis in your inventory.  Each vehicle includes its wheelbase, cab-to-axle, body code, and more.

The Body Codes report groups vehicles by the combination of the 5th, 6th and 7th characters in their VIN.  This report is not effective for every manufacturer’s vehicles.