Work Truck One

Work Truck Inventory System

Like most inventory systems, vehicles can be added, maintained and deleted.

Below are some features that sets our inventory apart!

Truck Type Search Features

One of the most important capabilities, of any work truck inventory, is to ensure buyers can easily find every vehicle in your inventory that might meet their needs. 

Here is how we make it happen! 

Feature 1 – “1-Click” Truck Type Search

Our system offers a “1-Click” truck type search from any web page. With one click of a truck type, buyers will see all the vehicles in your inventory that belong to that truck type.  Below are examples of three search options that can be added to any web page, even your current retail web site. 

A truck type search, can be based on an image.

Most Common Option: A truck type search can be based on a  drop-down menu.  A common part of any website’s navigation.

A truck type search can be based on an industry type, or condition (e.g. new only, used only,  recent additions to the inventory, Fedex Style, …)

Feature 2 – Each Vehicle Can Be Included in Multiple Categories 

Our “1-Click” search will find all the trucks of a certain type, but this may not include all matching vehicles. Some vehicles, like those represented below, can and should be included in more than one truck type category. 

Our Inventory lets the dealer include each truck in as many categories as they deem relevant.   This ensures that our “1-Click” search shows every vehicle in your inventory that might meet the need of the buyer. 

What will, or is, an inventory system that does not offer this feature costing you? 

  • Covered Utility Van
  • Service Truck
  • Plumber’s Truck
  • Dump Truck
  • Landscape Truck
  • Construction Truck
  • Box Truck
  • Step Van
  • Package Delivery Van

Feature 3 – Changeable Truck Type Search Options

Having truck type search options that reflect the type of trucks you sell is important.  Some solutions only show what you currently have in stock, others show every possible truck type.  Our inventory lets you select what truck types to include in your inventory search, plus you can change the truck type,  as needed. 

If you have our Sales and Management Package, we will show you what truck types buyers are searching for in your inventory. 

Search Results Page (SRP) Features

Another important capability involves conveying valuable information to buyers.  You may have only one chance to turn a potential buyer from just a visitor to a lead. 

Information conveyed to the buyer, when they are visiting your site, will  increase (or decrease) your chance for this conversion. 

Feature 1 – SRP’s Vehicle Information

Our vehicle ads include information that commercial buyers need and appreciate when evaluating a vehicle.  Showing you understand their needs, has proven to get leads even when the truck they need is not in stock. 

Bothe Buyers and the Sales Team Will Find Value in the

Feature 2 – SRP’s In-Line Ads

In-Line ads are hard not to notice and can provide valuable information for website visitors.  They can be changed as needed.  Below is an example of an actual in-line ad. 

Bothe Buyers and the Sales Team Will Find Value in the

Feature 3 – SRP’s Sold Truck Listings (Optional)

A truck type search will return all the trucks meeting that search criteria, but it can also include listings of sold vehicles of the same type.  Below is an example of a search for Step Vans. 

Below the final in-stock vehicle our system can show the Step Van manufacturers you represents and then the Step Vans that have been sold by your dealership.  Instance credibility.   

 This feature does require our Archive Inventory option. 

Bothe Buyers and the Sales Team Will Find Value in the

Vehicle’s Detail Page (VDP) Features

Another important information conveyance is the VDP.

The VDP repeats some of what is on the SRP page for the truck, but adds information and links.  Some of the information added is about the upfit body, if it has one.  

Under the information on the right side there will be buttons for most vehicles.  Here are the most common  buttons:

Window Sticker – When this button is available it will either show the manufacturer’s window sticker or our Virtual Window Sticker (if this option is active).  An example of a Virtual Window Sticker is below. 

Body Sticker (if this option is active)  – When this button is available it will show our Virtual Body Sticker for the upfit body.  An example is below.

View Documents – When this button is available it will show brochures available for either the upfit body or vehicle, or both. 

VDP Example – This example shows all 3 buttons.

Virtual Window Sticker (Optional Feature)

 This can be available when there isn’t a manufacturer’s window sticker to show, provided the information is available. 

It works well for a new and used vehicle.  The one below is for a Ford F-750.

Virtual Upfit Body Sticker (Optional Feature)

This can be made available whenever the information is available. It works as well for new as it does for used.  It can show both the standard features for the body and the add-on options.