Work Truck Inventory – What Salespeople Like!

Powerful Search Options  

Finding vehicles is easy and quick with our main search categories, highlighted below in yellow, works well for buyers, and works as well for salespeople, but for another reason.  This is a hierarchical search. For example, selecting a Category, say Chassis Cab, means all other search options will only be populated with options from vehicles that are Chassis Cabs.  For a salesperson this means they can quickly discern what options are available, and not available, for the selected truck type.  Search options can be skipped.  For instance a buyer needs a F-450 chassis cab with a diesel engine.  The Salesperson selects Chassis Cab, skips Make and selects F-450 as the Model, provided there is a F-450 chassis cab.  Then diesel for the Fuel type provided there is a diesel engine available for the F-450 chassis cab.  Drive and Cab/Body will only contain the options that are available for the F-450 chassis with diesel engine.    

Easy To Find Trucks With Specific Features

This Advanced Feature Search is another time saver. This search option searches the entire inventory for a selected feature or features.   For instance the salesperson has a buyer needing the PTO option.  They simple selected PTO Option, click Search and all vehicles with this option will be shown to them.  Dealers decide what features are to be included as search options. 

Easy To Find Trucks With Certain Specifications

The Dealer Search includes several advanced search options.  These options are a set group of vehicle search options.   These include Series Code, VIN, Wheelbase, Engine  Code, Cab to Axle and Year.   

Set Options – For Dealer Search Options

Easily Share Search Results With Buyers

The search option shown above lets you find trucks that meet buyers needs.  But how do you share this search information with a buyer?  Answer, Search Link Builder.

Once the search is showing the vehicles that meet the buyers needs.  Click “Search Link Builder” at the bottom of the inventory page. 

It will create a shortcut link.  This link should be tested,  but should replicate the same search results currently being shown.  This shortcut can be emailed to the buyer, who by using it will see the same search results. 

For instance, a buyer wants a Super Duty trucks with both a crew cab and diesel engine.  Once you create the search showing these trucks you use this option to create a link of the search.

This link can be emailed to the buyer and will show the exact same results. 

It is a dynamic search link, which means the results change as your inventory changes. 

*These Search Link can be captured and named, so the link can be found and used in the future.

Easy To Create Vehicle Quotes

Create professional vehicles quotes quickly and easily. 

In literally minutes you can create a quote like the one below.  It offers specific information about the vehicle being quoted, along with images of the vehicle.

The quote also offers a link to the vehicle’s details page. 

Easily Accessible Truck and Body Information

From the Vehicle’s Detail Page the salesperson can have access to the truck window sticker, truck invoice and body invoice.   This can save the salesperson time and can help them answer buyer’s question quickly and completely.

Sales History Tracker

One of the easiest sells to make is to an existing client that is happy with the product and feels the dealership/salesperson cares about their business. 

Assuming they are happy with the product, then the salesperson only needs to ensure the client know they care about their business.  


 An easy way for a client to know their business is appreciated is by continued personal contact from the dealership/salesperson. .  This contact can be a phone call, email, post card, ….  

Our Sales Report is used to remind the salesperson of their past sells, so they can remember to reach out to the client.  Knowing who to contact is important, but knowing what they purchased is more important.  Our report shows the sale date and client, but more importantly it shows the type of truck they purchased.  Below is an example of the report. 

Additional Sells Opportunities

Our inventory can include heavy duty trucks and trailers. If you are a full line dealership, doesn’t it make sense to have one inventory for all of your vehicles, instead of several partial inventories?  Call for details.

Call for a demonstration of these capabilities, and more!