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Sales Tool Kit

This is a private inventory dedicated to the needs of your salespeople.
  This inventory puts powerful information at their finger tips whenever and wherever they have access to the Internet.

Information Available Through This Private Inventory

Valuable Information and Routines

  • Truck & Body specifications
  • Invoice Price, when available.  It will be shown just below  MSRP, and Sell Price 
  • Status Line, found below image shows number of images available, the check-mark icon is present if the vehicle is On-Hold, and the number in parenthesis is the number of days in inventory, in the above example that number is 132
  • “View On-Holds” button shows vehicles on-hold along with the initials of the salesperson , date it was placed on-hold and company it is being held for. 
  • “Quote Routine” button goes directly to our quote system with information from the vehicle already populated in the quote. 
  • Comment Line, information that might be helpful for the salesperson.

Electronic Retrieval Availability

  • “Window Sticker” button will show the window sticker if it is available for the vehicle.
  • “Truck Invoice” button shows only when there is a Truck Invoice for this vehicle.  Great replacement for when window sticker. which can be a vehicle assessment document for a pre-owned vehicle. 
  • “Body Invoice” buttons only appears when there is a body invoice.  Many of the invoices from body companies is an excellent source of upfit body information.
  • “Body Brochure” button only appears when a body brochure is available for the vehicle.
  • “Pre-Owned Assessment Sheet” button only appears when an Assessment sheet is available

Salespeople Will Find These Other Features Valuable as Well

Main Search Section

Finding vehicles is easy and quick with our main search categories, highlighted below in yellow, works well for buyers, and works as well for salespeople, but for another reason.  This is a hierarchical search. For example, selecting a Category, say Chassis Cab, means all other search options will only be populated with options from vehicles that are Chassis Cabs.  For a salesperson this means they can quickly discern what options are available, and not available, for the selected truck type.  Search options can be skipped.  For instance a buyer needs a F-450 chassis cab with a diesel engine.  The Salesperson selects Chassis Cab, skips Make and selects F-450 as the Model, provided there is a F-450 chassis cab.  Then diesel for the Fuel type provided there is a diesel engine available for the F-450 chassis cab.  Drive and Cab/Body will only contain the options that are available for the F-450 chassis with diesel engine.    

Advanced Features Search

This Advanced Feature Search is another time saver. This search option searches the entire inventory for a selected feature or features.   For instance the salesperson has a buyer needing the PTO option.  They simple selected PTO Option, click Search and all vehicles with this option will be shown to them.  Dealers decide what features are to be included as search options. 

Specifications Search

The Dealer Search includes several advanced search options.  These options are a set group of vehicle search options.   These include Series Code, VIN, Wheelbase, Engine  Code, Cab to Axle and Year.   

Options For Dealer Search

There Are Inventory Management Benefits Too!

Call for a demonstration of these capabilities, and more!