Work Truck Inventory – What Buyers Like!

Quick and Easy Truck Type Search – From Any Website Page

Our inventory features a “1-Click” inventory search for truck types.  Buyers can often find what they want from a single mouse click. This “1-Click” search can be initiated from almost any website page, including 3rd party websites, like your main retail website.

Each Vehicle Can Be Included In Multiple Truck Type Categories

Many upfit vehicles should not be limited to a single truck type category.  Our inventory allows each vehicle to be included in several truck type categories.  This ensures a buyer finds all the trucks in your inventory that might meet their needs. 

Advanced Search Option

Buyers sometimes have specific vehicle  needs.  Many of these can be addressed with our main search options, highlighted below in yellow.  The buyer simply selects the search option(s) needed.  

Easy to Understand Vehicle Pricing 

Pricing is very important to any buyer.  In fact, besides advertising and direct marketing, pricing is one of the only other ways you have of stimulating interest and leads.   We offer several pricing options.  Below are the most common.

Real Vehicle Pictures

Buyers expect, and deserve, to see real images of the vehicle.  Our dealers find vehicles with real pictures are much more like to generate a lead then those without.

Our inventory offers both a one-up large image and a three-up set of images.  The three-up set offers a quick view of the vehicle,  while the one-up,  larger images, lets a buyer see greater detail of  the vehicle.   

Real and Relevant Information about the Truck and Upfit Body 

Truck and upfit body information is very important to commercial work truck buyers.  This is an example of information from our Vehicle’s Detail Page (VDP). 

The VDP can offer links to Windows Stickers, Truck Invoice and Body Invoice.  Examples of those are below.

Call for a demonstration of these capabilities, and more!