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Domain Name

Most of you already have a domain name and you can skip this section.  If you don’t then you need to register one now.  A domain name is like your 21st century phone number, and nobody wants to be without a phone number.  It is simple to do and inexpensive, usually around $20 per year.  Contact us, we can help get it done.

The Home Page

The HOME page is generally the main page a visitor navigating your website will see.   It is your opportunity to:

Tell Your Story
Build Your Credibility
Highlight the Services and Products You Offer
Highlight Your Expertise

And it is the key component in building your SEO.

The HOME page is arguably the most important page of any websites, as it generally gets more page views than any other page in your website. Of course, users don’t always enter a website from the homepage. People can follow links from search engines and other websites that land inside your site. However, one of the first things these users do after arriving at a new site is go to the Home page. Isn’t that what you would do?   Your Home page sets the tone for your commercial dealership and sets you apart from your competition. 

Slider Ads

Slider Ads can be a very effective part of your website’s advertising.  In fact you may have clicked on a Slider to get to this page.  Sliders can advertise practically any product or service your dealership might offer.

Each Slider can have supporting pages to describe the advertised product or service in detail. Best of all, Sliders can be changed easily, and should be changed regularly.  Part of our service is to do just that.

Slider Ad Examples: Specials, Maintenance Programs, Leasing Services, New Vehicles, New Marketing Programs, just about anything you want and can imagine.

Body Company Pages

We can include on your website a web page for each body company you represent.  These will be customized to meet your dealership’s needs.  Each body company’s page will have information about the body company and can include a link into your inventory.  This link will show the vehicles, in your inventory, that include an upfit body, from the selected company. 

Upfit Body Pages

We can include on your website a web page for each truck type you sell.  These will be customized to meet your specific needs. Each upfit body page will have information about that body type and a link into your inventory.  This link  will show the trucks, in your inventory, that have the selected body type. 

Extended Maintenance and Care Options Page

Ford Protect Programs can help eliminate the cost variability associated with servicing and maintaining a commercial  vehicle.  Your commercial website is a great place to start educating your buyers on the services you can offer. 

Commercial Leasing Information Page

Commercial leasing is a powerful buying incentive for some buyers and can put money in your pocket. 

Our lease page offers both details and benefits of a commercial lease.  It can also offer a working lease calculator where the buyer can ballpark what their monthly lease payment might be.

Team Member  Page

This may not work for every dealership, but for those that have a large staff or a great deal of experience, this is a great feature to include.  It can quickly and easily build confidence and credibility in your dealership’s ability to help a buyer with their work truck purchase.

Advanced Fuel Options Page

Advanced fuel options are becoming a bigger part of the commercial and fleet markets.  Make sure buyers know you can guide them in their decision process. 

Our Compressed Natural Gas break-even calculator is a great addition to any website. 

The use of this calculator ebbs and flows as the cost of gasoline changes, as well as the political climate.  Nonetheless alternate fuels are here to stay and  this calculator remains a viable feature for all commercial website.

Transit Configurator

Our Transit configurator was designed to help buyers understand the various van configuration available for the Transit, when it was initially released.

It is no less valuable now,  as many buyers are still unfamiliar with the various configurations available.

*** These are some of the advantages our website offers, there are more.  Call for details. ***

Why Work Truck Pros Should Build Your Website?

  • We have been working with work truck dealers since 2006.
  • We understand your business and the people who buy work trucks. 
  • We understand how to generate the SEO associated with work trucks. 
  • Our websites are fully integrated with our commercial inventory.
  • By using us, your website will continue to grow and evolve as the work truck market, work vehicles, work truck services and your commercial business market changes in the years to come!  

WordPress Website – All of the website pages, except for the inventory pages and a few custom pages, are built with WordPress

Yoast SEO Premiun – The WordPress pages also include Yoast SEO Premium plugin.