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Scan-The-Lot Routines

U-Print Addendum Sticker Routine

Addendum Sticker

The Addendum Sticker

The Addendum Sticker offers a professional vehicle sticker that informs the buyer of the added features for the vehicle.  These features can be from a simple add-on feature, to the upfit body and it’s options.  The Sticker often includes the updated price for the vehicle.


These labels are printed through our inventory system by the dealership.  They can be printed on most office laser or inkjet printers.  We suggest they be printed on a blank addendum sticker stock that can be purchased from many dealer supply companies.

QR Code

If a QR Code is included on the Addendum it will shows the Vehicle’s Detail Page when scanned.  This capability is available 24/7/365. The scanning is done with a common cell phone.  Many newer cell phones include this scanning, older cell phones can have the feature added by adding a bar code scanning app to the phone.

Vehicle QR Code Stickers

QR Code

QR Labels for Your Vehicles

The QR Code Sticker, which is placed on the vehicle,  offers the buyer the ability to view the Vehicle’s Detail Page by simply scanning the code.  This capability is available 24/7/365.  Scanning is done with a cell phone, using most any bar code scanning app.  Many newer cell phones already include the QR scanning feature. capability  Another advantage of this scanning, is the  information will remain on their phone until they delete the page from the phone’s browser.


Label Printing

These labels can be printed through our inventory system on most office laser or inkjet printers, requiring no additional investment.  

Lot Reconciliation Routine

Works with most vehicle inventories!

Simple place a bar code label on each vehicle. 

Code 39

Once the labels are placed on the vehicles, you can simply scan all the vehicles on your lot.

Scan The Lot

The results of the scanning. 

  • The report shows every vehicle that was scanned.  (There is even an option to show the vehicle’s location on the Lot.)
  • The report shows vehicles that were not scanned, or missing.
  • As part of the scanning process vehicles without a bar code will be discovered and labeled.

This routine will reconcile your Lot inventory in short order!

Call for a demonstration of these capabilities, and more!