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Sales Team Console

There is information and tools that are necessary and valuable in helping a Salesperson effectively and efficiently perform their day-to-day sales activities. 

Our Sales Team Console provides many of these tools, as well as in-depth information about each vehicle.  Best of all, these tools and information is available to them where-ever and when-ever they have access to the Internet. 

Below is a Sales Console for a Individual Truck

Sales Console
Sales Console Example

This system provides your sales team with valuable vehicle routines and information.

The Sales Team Console is identical to the Active inventory, with these exceptions:

  • This inventory is secured with username and password.
  • It has several buttons on each vehicle’s ad, like the example.
  • Some of these routines may include information that best not be shared with prospective buyers. 

Status Line, Found Under The Image

Sales Team Routines, Buttons Found On Each Vehicle Ad

Quote System


The Quote routine can create a vehicle quote like this in seconds.   It automatically includes the vehicle information. The buyer and salesperson information can be easily added.  The MSRP and/or Sell Prices are included automatically, as is any default line items, like Document Fee.  The quote form allows you to added line items that will either increase or decrease the price as needed.  The final price will be calculated based on all these factors.

Brochure Routine

This brochure is a great piece to give to the prospect.  The brochure will include pertinent information about the vehicle and will include the salesperson’s contact information.


Truck Type Price List

Price List

This price list is unique to the Sales Team Console.  It is printed from a vehicle’s ad and will only include similar types of vehicles.  In this example, the price list was selected from a Box Truck ad, so only Box Trucks are included.  

Truck Type Price ListReport

This report shows how the truck is categorized, both in your Active inventory and on Commercial Truck Trader.  Both of these can be changed from this report. 

Truck Type Report

“Hits” Count

Hits Report

This shows how many times this vehicle’s detail page has been viewed in the last 7 days.  It can be expanded to include more days. Salespeople use this to determine activity for the vehicle. 

Truck Specific Search Options

Same Category Button

If looking at a Box Truck, clicking this button will show all Box Trucks in your inventory. 

Same Cab-to-Axle Button

If looking at a vehicle with an 84 Inch Cab-to-Axle, clicking this button will show all vehicles with an 84 Inch CA.

Same Body Code Button

If looking at a vehicle with a X3F Body Code, clicking this button will show all vehicles with an X3F Body Code.

These Will Only Be Available, If You Have Selected To Include These In Your Inventory

U-Print Addendum Sticker Routine

Addendum Stickers are a great advertising piece and information source for your vehicles.  At the point of “lot” contact.

The Addendum Sticker routine can be used to create and print an Addendum Sticker for the vehicle.  It can be printed on a common office printer. 

Vehicle Documents Routine

If the Electronic Documents Storage and Retrieval routine is a selected option for the dealership, these documents will be available from the Sales Team Console.  The documents from this routine are only available to the Sales Team, which means they can include pricing., worksheets, …

Call for a demonstration of these capabilities, and more!