An Excellent Source For Creating Customer Loyalty

Sales History Reporting

Why Our Sales History Tools Works

When a vehicle is sold the buyer can be associated with that vehicle, which is not deleted, but is moved to our Archive inventory.

The Archive is an inventory of sold vehicles.  These vehicles will include detailed information, information valuable for future reference.

If storing the vehicle and/or body invoices in our inventory system, these will continue to be associated with the vehicles in the Archive. 

Road Map For Success

Think about the successful dealerships and salespeople you know. In almost every case the one thing they have in common is long-term loyal customers. Obviously, a loyal customer is more valuable than a single-deal customer.  Plus, it is a lot less expensive to keep a current customer, than to acquire a new one.  Studies also show that loyal customers tend to be less price sensitive and are more willing to listen to new ideas and concepts. This is not to say that getting new customers isn’t important, these are the proverbial icing on the cake.  Not to mention, that every new customer is an opportunity for another long-term loyal customer.  And what creates a loyal customer?  To create a loyal customer, you must first understand why customers aren’t loyal.

And why do most customers believe the salesperson does not care about them?  Because in most cases there is little or no communication from the salesperson after the sale.  No post-sales communications from the salesperson or dealership, demonstrates the fact that they were just a means for a sell, nothing more.

Why No Post-Sales Communications?                     

There are many reasons for no post-sales communications, but for those salespeople, or dealerships, that say they would like to offer post-sales communications their two main reasons they don’t are::

They don’t have tools that remind them to do so.
They don’t remember what the customer purchased.

Our Sales History Tracker addresses both of these issues.

Below is an example of our Sales History Report.  This is from an actual dealership, so the Salesperson, Buyer and Comments have been blacked out.  The report can be sorted by date range, salesperson truck category and buyer.  This report can show a salesperson every vehicle they sold in a given time frame.  As important is shows the type of vehicle sold and even comments about the sell if entered.  


Like To Know More About The Vehicle?

If you have our Archive Inventory, an inventory of sold vehicles, our Sales History Report can link  to the specific vehicle in the Archive.  It is easy to do.  If the VIN in the Sales History report is underlined, it is a link to the vehicle in the Archive. Simply by clicking on it will show that vehicle’s Vehicle Detail Page.   

Archive Inventory

Like To Know Even  More About The Vehicle?

If you have our Archive Inventory, as well as our Invoice Electronic Storage & Retrieval system, you can access any stored truck or body invoices for that vehicle.   Below is the first page of a stored body invoice. 

C90409 Invoice

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