Work Truck One

Repeat business is a vital key to your success!
Utilizing this tool will help make it happen!
How it works is outlined below.

Sold Routine

When a vehicle is sold the dealer can add the the buyer information at that time.  Although the vehicle is deleted from the Active inventory, the sales record will become part of the Sales History. 

Sales History Report

Below is the Sales History Report.  This report shows the sales transactions created through the Sold routine.  These transactions include the Date Sold, Salesman, VIN, Vehicle Category, Title, Buyer Information and Comments.

The report can be ran for a date range or for all sales transactions.  The report can also be set to include all buyers or a single buyer, they same is true for salespeople.  Once the report is being shown it can be sorted by Category Type, Buyer, Salesmen, or VIN. 

This report provides valuable information for post sales contacting.  Post sales contacting is key in creating repeat customers.


Archive Inventory (Optional)

The Archive inventory is optional and is an inventory of your sold vehicles. It works similarly to the Active Inventory. The Archive does interfaces to the Sales History Report.  Above is an example of that report.  If the Archive is part of your system, any VIN that is underlined on that report is an active link to that vehicle in the Archive.  Below is an Archive record for a box truck, which provides more information about the sold vehicle. 

Electronic Storage and Retrieval (Optional)

The Electronic Storage and Retrieval system is optional and lets a dealer associate vehicle documents to the vehicle in the Active inventory.  These documents are typically invoices, but can be virtually any PDF file.

If using the Archive Inventory, any  document associated with the vehicle in the Active inventory will be transferred to the Archive inventory.  This means documents, like the one below, will be available to the vehicle in the Archive.  

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