Work Truck One

Quick Start Guide

Using our quote system you can create and email a simple quote in seconds.  

Example Quote

  • The quote heading information is customized for your dealership.
  • A quote pulls the trucks information and pictures from the inventory system. 
  • A quote can be sent to a prospect by HTML link, or as a PDF.
  • The quote date is the computer’s date, but can be changed. 
  • The expiration date is set at 30 days from the quote date, and can be changed as needed. 
  • Multiple sales people can use the quote system and each can have their contact information saved.  This makes it easily recalled and used. 
  • The top most pricing field in this example is titled “MSRP”, but the title can be changed, as can the price.
  • There are 10 discount fields.  Common discount titles can be saved, so to be used over and over again.  Unique discount titles can also be entered, as needed.  The price for each discount must be entered.  
  • There are 8 Adder fields and work the same as discount fields.
  • The system will determine the “Your Price”, by what has been entered in the Discounts and Adder fields. 
  • “Quotation Notes” is a text field for entering whatever notes are relevant to the quote.
  • The “Disclaimer” field can include a set disclaimer established by the dealership.  It can also include other disclaimers that can be selected from a drop-down menu.  Or a disclaimer can be key entered. 
  • A finished quote is saved in our system until the vehicle is sold. 
  • A saved quote can be modified and saved.  This does replace the previous quote.
  • A saved quote can be copied and changed.  This option does not change the original quote.  It creates a new quote based on the original  quote.

Creating a Quote

These instructions will provide the basics in creating a quote.  It is very easy and can take less than a minute.

Getting into the Quote system requires a link that gets you to the security screen.  This screen requires both a Username and Password.  If you need those contact your commercial manager.  Once these have been entered you will see the Add screen.  

Add Screen

Once you are signed in the Add screen will appear.  To add a quote click the “Add Quote” button. Highlighted by a red arrow in the example to your right.

Select Vehicle to Quote

The “Add Quote” will show you a screen similar to the right.  It shows all of the vehicles in your inventory.  If there are pictures, you will see s picture of the vehicle.  Find the vehicle you want to quote and click its Stock Number.  The Stock Number will be shown in a blue font and will appear on the very  left side of screen.  

Quote Form
Once the vehicle is selected the Quote Form will then appear.  Below is an example.

There are three sections, which are labeled as such.  At the top of the form is information about the vehicle being quoted.  The Stock Number is a link to the Vehicle’s Detail Page.
Quote From

Section 1:  This section includes information about the Quote, Salesperson and Customer.  

Quote Information: The quote’s date, expiration date, and quote number will already be filled in, but can be modified.  The only field you may want to enter is the Quote Title.

Salesperson: Much of your information should already be entered.

Customer: Enter what you need in this section. 

Quote Form Section 1

Section 2: This is the main section of the Quote Form.  It is where the discounts and adder values are entered.

At the very top is the starting price.  The next line is for a Trade-In, if there is one.  The next 10 lines are for Discounts.   The following 10 lines are for Adder amounts,  The next to last is for Sales Tax, should you want to include that figure.  The final line is the final price title line.  The actual final price is calculated and can be seen by clicking the “View Final Price” button on this line.

In many cases the only parts of this section that are entered are the Discount and Adder lines.  These both work the same way.  Each has three fields.  The first is titled Discount Title, this is a drop-down of pre-entered Discount Titles.  If you select a title from the drop-down it will populate the middle field.  If a drop-down option does not reflect the discount type, you can manually enter it in the middle field. entered.   The third field is the money, and is entered only as digits, no special characters, no cents. 

As mentioned, the Discounts and Adders will create the final price, and that price is calculated by the system.  

Click the “View Final Price” to see the final price of the vehicle. 


Section3: This section is for Notes and Disclaimer.  If Notes are entered they will show up on the quote.  The standard Disclaimer will show up, but can be modified. 

To view the quote click the “View Full Quote” button.  It will show the quote as it is. At the top of that page are three options.
“Edit Quote” which will let you return to modify the quote.
“Create Quote PDF File”, this creates a PDF of the quote that can be downloaded to your PC and emailed to the customer. 
“Quote Link”, this creates a link for quote that can be emailed to the customer.