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Website & Inventory Solutions For:

  • Work Trucks
  • Semi Tractor & Trailers
  • Professional Vehicles
  • Industrial Vehicles/Equipment

Price List

  • Support vehicles from Class 1 through, and including, Class 8 GVWR. 
  • Supports work trucks, semi tractor and trailers, professional vehicles and industrial vehicles
  • Supports new and used vehicle categories
  • Includes the ability to manually add,  edit, and delete vehicles and vehicle information
  • Includes ability to add, rearrange and delete a vehicle’s photos. Supports up to 36 images per truck.
  • Offers both small and large vehicle image viewing
  • Supports the ability to included each vehicle in multiple truck type categories
  • Supports the ability to add, edit and delete a vehicle’s price. Vehicle prices include MSRP, Sell, and Special Prices
  • Offers truck type search links for any web page
  • Supports truck type selection from main inventory page 
  • Includes Google Analytics


Work Truck Zone Website Option


  • All plans are month-to-month.  No long term contract required. 
  • All plans require a domain name. We can register one for your dealership for $20/year.