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Work Truck Zone Pricing

WTZone Inventory

Everything Needed For An Effective Website Inventory
$ 95
  • Works with any website
  • Supports work trucks, semi tractors, trailers, industrial equipment, ...
  • Supports new and used vehicles
  • Includes the ability to add,  edit, and delete vehicles, and vehicle photos
  • Each vehicle/equipment can be included in multiple search categories
  • Vehicle pricing options include MSRP, Sell, and Special Prices
  • Includes Google Analytics, so you can evaluate your website effectiveness for yourself
  • Scan The Lot - Lot Level Marketing Program

WTZone Inventory - Data File / DMS Load

Supplements Inventory Updating From Data File or DMS file
$ 159
  • Includes all features of WTZone inventory
  • Will load available information and photos from a data file, significantly reducing inventory load effort
DIY w/ Load

WTZone Inventory - Full Auto Load

Minimizes Dealer Effort, Maximizes Inventory Effectiveness
$ 259
  • Includes all features of WTZone inventory
  • Requires data file updating
  • Work Truck Pros will load your inventory for you from the data file information
Full Auto

WTZ Inventory Options:

Work Truck Zone Website Option:


  • All plans are month-to-month.  No long term contract required. 
  • All plans require a domain name. We can register one for your dealership at only  $20/year.