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Inventory & Website Price Configurator

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A complete work truck inventory, with everything needed for a dealer to maintain their own inventory.
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Tools your sales team will find very helpful when selling one of your work trucks.
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Tools and reports your management staff will find valuable and useful in managing your inventory and making stocking decisions. Includes emailed weekly and monthly inventory updates.

Optional Features:

Updates Commercial Truck Trader Automatically, includes up to 3 truck types per vehicle

Common for most franchise dealers.

This includes a Home Page, Contact Us and Hours Page & Direction Page.

This feature allows you to load vehicle documents and associated them with the vehicle. The documents can then be made available for public viewing or only dealership viewing.
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This is Customer Relationship Management system designed for work trucks. It includes an Archive Inventory, an inventory of sold vehicles.
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This prints addendum stickers for your upfit trucks. A great point of purchase advertising piece.

A subset inventory of the full inventory. It will be identical, but the vehicles can be limited if needed.

An Accessories inventory can be made up of parts, accessories, services, ....

This routine compares the website inventory with the Truck Paper inventory.
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This is a powerful inventory system that is for a dealership group that has multiple work truck stores.

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