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Inventory Price Configurator

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A complete work truck inventory, with everything needed for a dealer to maintain their own inventory. It includes one domain name, of your choosing, which is required for our inventory and website systems. The domain will be owned by the dealer.

Optional Features: (Click on the ones you want to consider or discuss with us.)

Updates the inventory automatically from a DMS or website provider data file.

Updates Commercial Truck Trader automatically and places each vehicle into a maximum of 3 truck type categories.

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A Work Truck Web Site sets you apart from your competition and conveys valuable information to potential buyers.

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Our Sales Team Console offers your team direct access to a variety of advanced vehicle management tools.

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Our Dealer Dashboard Reporting system offers in-depth inventory management reports and Google Analytic results from the week before, compiled and results emailed to you weekly.

This is included in the inventory, but this option expands on it by having Work Truck Pros add the vehicles through provided invoices.

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This feature allows you to load vehicle documents and associate them with the vehicle. These documents will be accessible by your staff any where they have Internet access.

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This routine can create virtual, and printable, window stickers for both the vehicle and upfit body.

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Our Archive is an inventory of sold vehicles. Our dealers find great value in this inventory.

This routine can record information about each vehicle's sales transaction. This includes transaction date, buyer name, salesperson, and notes.

This inventory is a subset inventory of the full inventory. It includes a personalized Home page for the Sales Person.

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This is a Customer Retention Tool designed for work trucks.

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This is a powerful inventory system that is for a dealership group that has multiple work truck stores.

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