Work Truck One

accessories inventory – parts inventory
advanced-search – shows top section of listings page, advanced search, and dealer search
advertising – CTT, SEO
aging report – summary report and detail
base inventory – marketing
base plus inventory – mktg & mgmt
comparison-1 – price and comparison page
condition options – top of listings page and drop down example for other web pages
coverd utility vans – an example page of what can be on a upfit trucks page
crm – crm for work trucks
dealer dashboard – example of reports that are included in the dashboard
full phases – includes crm, addendum sticker and qr sticker
guides and training – page of training
HH parts add form – form to request parts
HOme – old home page
home page search options – vehicle search options for the home page
home2 – HOME PAGE
home2a – olde home page
inventory-buyers – what buyers like, invoices, …
inventory mgme & adv functions – several reports and links
inventory options – shows std and options for inventory
inventory options-backup – similar to the previous page, but different
inventory options new – similar to the previous page, but different
inventory search options – graphical image search
inventory valuation report – various valuation reports
lead generation – truck type report, ctt & tp updating, website performance, seo
management report – management reports
management tools –
pricing – old pricing page
pricing options – msrp, msrp & sell price, special price
pricing portal – example of pricing portal
pricing022020 – old pricing page
quick edit – example of quick edit page
quick start – not exactly sure
quote system – quote example
quote system qs – quote creating example
sales history – delete routine
sales kit – report examples
sales tools – private inventory example
scan the lot – addendum and qr code
seo – work truck related
seo results testing – how to evaluate seo
sold routine – sold banner
specific search – dealer search details
truck paper – reconciliation report example
website – what we offer in a home page
whats new – new blog
work truck websites – what we offer in a home page