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Advertising & SEO The 1-2 Punch In Lead Generation


To Be Successful, You Must Advertise!

The advantage of advertising your vehicles on sites like Commercial Truck Trader (CTT) is that you are displaying your vehicles where buyers are actively searching for vehicles to purchase.  We mention CTT, not because it is the only work truck advertising website, but because it is a very popular and well known one.

Our inventory system automatically updates  CTT daily, as it does many of the advertising sites.  These daily updates insures that changes to your vehicle inventory are represented on CTT in a timely manner.  It is also done in a way that insures accuracy  and in a way you can check for yourself.   

How To Maximize Your Advertising on CTT, and other advertising sites.

Real Pictures
The Internet is a visual advertising medium.  Offering real and good quality images is a must.
Service Truck
Service Truck
Service Truck
Vehicle Pricing
Pricing generates interest. We encourage our dealers to always include vehicle pricing.  For new vehicles including both MSRP and Sell Price, because together they show a real savings value for the buyer.  Represented below is an actual CTT ad with both MSRP and Sell Price.
Commercial Truck Trader
Correct Vehicle Categories
This seems like a “no brainer”, but you will be surprised how often vehicles are placed in the wrong category.  And the wrong category means missed sells.

Some sites, like CTT, also allows each vehicle to be placed in multiple categories.  For CTT a vehicle can be placed in up to 3 categories.  The image below is a real CTT ad and the red arrow shows that this Contractor truck will be found in three viable categories.
Commercial Truck Trader

So how can you insure each truck is categorized correctly?

Most website providers only offer one category per vehicle, so it is pretty easy for them, but unfortunately this limits your vehicle exposure to buyers.  Our system can place each of your vehicles in up to 3 categories.  To insure they are the correct categories, we have a report that shows how each vehicle is categorized.   An example of the report is below and the fields on the right of the report are the vehicle’s categories. You can also change the categories, from this report. 

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Search Engine Optimization

What We Do To Generate Organic SEO for Your Website

  • We know the most common commercial keywords and they will be incorporate in your website and inventory.
  • We will evaluate your market and client base to determine the keywords needed to meet your specific needs.
  • We will create a custom XML Sitemap for your dealership based on your truck types, body manufactuers and truck models.
  • We will update the inventory in your Sitemap daily and submit it to search engines weekly.
  • We will customize your web page titles to support known commercial keywords.
  • We will customize your meta data description to represent your vehicle types.
  • We support Google Tag Manager
  • We support your Facebook Pixels Scripts
  • We support Google Analytics
  • … There are more, but these are the most important for generating SEO results.

Your Domain Name – Your 21st Century Phone Number

The SEO generated by your website/inventory system will be attributed to the domain name being used for these pages.  This domain name should represent your commercial department, and like your phone number, your domain name should remain the same no matter what changes you make to your website in the future.   

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. In basic terms it is getting Google, and other search engines, to find your website when a search request is intiated for a product or service you offer. For instance, when someone searches for “Covered Utility Vans” you want your website to be one of the answers found by Google. So how do search engines know what you market or sell?



The search engines can’t read your website like we do, so they determine what you offer from clues contained in your website. These clues come in the form of keywords, and these keywords can arguably be considered the most basic and important components of your website. These keyword should be in your title and header tags, meta descriptions, tags, and body copy of your website. These keywords are what search engines use to determine what you sell or market and therefore are the keys for you being found for search requests.

What are Your Keywords?

The truck manufacturers consider them to be the model; F-350, 3500, Sierra, Transit 250, … and to a certain extent they are right. However to a commercial truck buyer needing a dump truck, what are they going to enter in their search request? Most are going to enter a request that contains the words, “Dump Truck”. So what is the keyword you want included in your website? Answering this question, and others like it, will determine your keywords and it is the keywords that will determine your success with SEO.

Once you have the keywords set there are other ways to fine tune your SEO results that we can discuss, but nothing is as important to your website and SEO as your keywords.

SEO Results Testing

We are often asked about how to evaluate whether SEO is working or not.

It is actually fairly simply to test.

SEO is all about keywords.  The keywords being referred to are the words a work truck buyer might enter into a search engine to find the truck they need.  For example, a buyer looking for a dump truck might enter “Dump Trucks” into the search engine.  I am going to use Google as the search engine, because most people are familiar with it.       

The buyer is going to be disappointed because “Dump Trucks” is so broad they will be getting results that have nothing to do with purchasing one.  They will most likely change it to “Dump Trucks For Sale”.   This will get the results they want. 

To test your SEO results, enter what you think a work truck buyer might enter into Google to find a truck you have in your inventory.  Then look for your dealership in the results.

Unless you are in an area with very little competition, you may be disappointed in the results. 

The first page, often the second and sometimes the third, will include national advertising companies, e.g. Commercial Truck Trader, Truck Paper, TruckertoTrucker, Auction123, ….   These pages will also include paid “Ads”, as well as national dealerships and dealerships that specialize in that truck type.  

If there are several pages of these results then you can bet you have selected very popular keywords.  And if they are popular, then that means buyers are using them to search for trucks. 

Finally, you will start to see some local companies listed.  Now simply find your dealership and you will know exactly how you are doing.  

I mentioned paid “Ads” results.  These are companies that are paying to be included in the results, when a set of keywords is entered.  Google offers this through their Adwords program.  It can be very effective, and somewhat expensive.    

This is why we say “Advertising is Still King”.   Sites like Commercial Truck Trader always come up on the first page of a Google search for most any work truck.  Clicking on that link will take you to their site and it will be almost always be the results for your area.  When you advertise with Commercial Truck Trader, you are buying their SEO results.