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Large Dealer Package Features

The Large Dealer package includes the features from the Small and Medium Dealer packages.  To these features it adds management reports. These reports are designed to give the commercial manager information they need to manage a large work truck inventory. 

To maximize the benefit of this valuable information, the manager is emailed a  Dashboard Report every Monday.   This provides a snapshot of your current inventory position and website activity for the past week.  Click the link below to see what Work Truck Pros’ dealers are receiving weekly.  There is nothing like it on the market!

Management Reports 

Google Analytics – Objective Website Performance

Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics results are an objective evaluation of your commercial website’s performance.  The compiled results, shown on the left, are updated and emailed to the dealership weekly.  The complete Google Analytics results are available to the dealership through Google Analytcs.

Hit’s Reporting by  Truck Type.

Our “Hits” report is an excellent complement to Google Analytics.  Where Google Analytics shows how many users visited your website, our “Hits” report shows the buyers interest by truck types.

A “Hit” only occurs when someone views the Vehicle’s Detail Page.  This allows us accumulate total “Hits” for each vehicle and truck type.  

The report to the left is a summary report for the past week, by truck type. 

Truck Type Search Report


Our Truck Type Search report is an excellent complement to Google Analytics and the “Hits” report. 

This report shows the number of times  buyer’s searched for a specific truck type.

We recently had a dealer that had consistent search results for Contractor Trucks, even though they did not stock that type of truck.   

Inventory Valuation by Truck Type

The report shows the number of trucks that make up each truck type and the total value of those trucks.

Inventory Aging Report

Aging Report

The Aging report is broken down by a set range of days-in-inventory.  It shows the number of vehicles and investment total in each range.  

The detail report shows the actual vehicles that make up each aging group. 

Average Days in Inventory for Sold Trucks, by Truck Type

This report shows the Days-In-Inventory for sold vehicles.  The summary report is broken down by truck type and shows the average number of days each truck type was in your inventory..

The detail report shows the actual Days-In-Inventory for each vehicle.  

Chassis Cab Only Report

This report only shows the Chassis Cabs in your inventory.  It includes pertinent information about each chassis. 

Pricing Range Of Your Inventory 

This Pricing Report shows the 3 website prices; MSRP, Sell and Special.  Each price group shows the High and Low percentages, based on a comparison with the Invoice price. 

This provides a quick, easy and effective way to know that all vehicles in your inventory have website prices that are within an acceptable range. 

The detail report shows percentages for each vehicle.