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Inventory Management Reports

Managing your upfit inventory is a little more challenging than managing the normal vehicle inventory.   The retail systems, for the most part, see your upfit vehicles as chassis cabs or cutaways, when in reality they maybe be a service truck or dump truck, or, … .   Our inventory sees your trucks as what they are, which can provide valuable information that is currently unavailable to you and your GM.

Model Code Report

Our model code report shows detailed information about every model code you have in your Internet inventory.  This one is for F4H.

Truck Type Report

Our truck type report shows detailed information about every service truck in your Internet inventory.  This one is for Service Trucks. 

Aging Reports

This is an example of our vehicle aging report.  Its initial sort has the vehicles oldest to newest, but other sort options are available by clicking on the column title.

We offer a service that daily will alert you, by email, of any vehicles reaching 270, 180 and 120 days in inventory.   

Inventory Valuation by Truck Type

This report values your inventory.  The initial sort is by stock number.  Other sort options are available by clicking some of the column titles.

For instance, this  report was sorted by Truck Type and shows all 3 of the dealer’s Dump Trucks in the inventory and total investment in these three trucks. 

Inventory Valuation by Days in Inventory

Here is another example of our Inventory Valuation report sorted oldest to newest.  The report shows subtotals for the following date ranges: vehicles between 0 and 119 days, 120 and 179 days, 180 and 269 days, 270 and 359 days and over 360 days.  This example is from 120 to 179 days in inventory. 

Image Compare Routine

Insuring Inventory Accuracy – This routine allows a physical compare of the images from the  website inventory to the images in the data feed file.  This is  checked to insure that a truck has not been updated since the original inventory load, for instance from a chassis cab to an upfit.  If a change is noted the website inventory is then updated accordingly.

Pricing Portal

Pricing Portal

The pricing portal allows you to change the MSRP, Selling Price and Specials Price.  

The Sell Price can be the price entered, or can be a price-plus Sell Price.  Some dealers enter their invoice price in the “Sell Price” field and the system will automatically add a set amount, say $300, to that price automatically. 

We also offer a Special Price.  Unlike the Sell Price, the Special Price has a Thru date.  When this date is reached the  price reverts back to the regular pricing.  The Special Price and the Thru Data is shown in the inventory in red. 

Pricing History

The price history section is part of the Pricing Portal and  has two main uses. 

First it lets you know how the vehicle has been priced while part of the active inventory. 

Secondly it can show your GM what you have done to create interest in the vehicle.  In reality, besides advertising, the only way you have of stimulating interest in a vehicle that is by price.  

Electronic Storage and Retrieval for Body  and/or Truck Invoices

Increasing the Content Value of your Inventory – This routine insures that the body and/or truck invoices are available anywhere you have access to the Internet.  Most often with the pricing removed.  These invoices are accessible  from the truck’s vehicle details page (VDP). They provide valuable information for your buyers, as well as your salespeople and  dealer partners.  This feature sets you apart from your competition. 

In-Transit / On-Order Routine 

Stop losing sells opportunities!    By including your In-Transit and/or On-Order vehicles in your online inventory, buyers will see them and know they will soon be available from your dealership.  If you don’t include these vehicles, you are losing sells opportunities.!  

The vehicles have either an In-Transit or On-Order banner, and will only show after your on-the-ground vehicles.  

Loading the Body and Truck Invoices Service

The Electronic Storage and Retrieval system included in the Large Upfit Inventory Package is designed for the dealer to add these files themselves.  However,  Work Truck Pros staff can add these files for you.  Call for details and pricing.

The Archive Inventory

The Archive is an inventory of your sold upfit trucks and is an invaluable source of information. Our dealers find many uses for this inventory which includes pre- and post-sales uses. If using our Sales History Tracker, the archive can be integrated with it and becomes an additional information source for future follow up and prospecting of past customers. If using the Electronic Storage and Retrieval of body/truck invoices, these invoice become included with the Archive inventory and provide an even more valuable source of information.  Call for details and pricing. 

Specialty Inventory Option

The specialy inventory option offers a dealer the ability to create a subset inventory of specific vehicles or vehicle types.  For instance one dealer has a wholesale inventory that is only for partner dealers.  Another has an inventory that only includes water damage restoration trucks.  Yet another has an inventory dedicated to a single client.  Call for details and pricing. 

Multi-Site Inventory Option

Multi-Site Systems – If your dealership group has multiple commercial departments, our Multi Site System may be for you.  It can combine the inventories of all your dealerships into a single inventory, like the national advertising sites.  There are many advantages to this option and many ways to display the combined inventory.  We will help you find the right one for your group.