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SEO Results Testing

We are often asked about how to evaluate whether SEO is working or not.

It is actually fairly simply to test.

SEO is all about keywords.  The keywords being referred to are the words a work truck buyer might enter into a search engine to find the truck they need.  For example, a buyer looking for a dump truck might enter “Dump Trucks” into the search engine.  I am going to use Google as the search engine, because most people are familiar with it.       

The buyer is going to be disappointed because “Dump Trucks” is so broad they will be getting results that have nothing to do with purchasing one.  They will most likely change it to “Dump Trucks For Sale”.   This will get the results they want. 

To test your SEO results, enter what you think a work truck buyer might enter into Google to find a truck you have in your inventory.  Then look for your dealership in the results.

Unless you are in an area with very little competition, you may be disappointed in the results. 

The first page, often the second and sometimes the third, will include national advertising companies, e.g. Commercial Truck Trader, Truck Paper, TruckertoTrucker, Auction123, ….   These pages will also include paid “Ads”, as well as national dealerships and dealerships that specialize in that truck type.  

If there are several pages of these results then you can bet you have selected very popular keywords.  And if they are popular, then that means buyers are using them to search for trucks. 

Finally, you will start to see some local companies listed.  Now simply find your dealership and you will know exactly how you are doing.  

I mentioned paid “Ads” results.  These are companies that are paying to be included in the results, when a set of keywords is entered.  Google offers this through their Adwords program.  It can be very effective, and somewhat expensive.    

This is why we say “Advertising is Still King”.   Sites like Commercial Truck Trader always come up on the first page of a Google search for most any work truck.  Clicking on that link will take you to their site and it will be almost always be the results for your area.  When you advertise with Commercial Truck Trader, you are buying their SEO results.