Quick Start Guide

Commercial Truck Trader Automatic Updating

The inventory system automatically updates Commercial Truck Trader nightly.   This update includes up to 3 categories per vehicle. 

This is the Truck Type report. Among other things, the fields on the right of this report, shows how the vehicle is categorized in CTT.  The first vehicle will be categorized as a Landscape Truck, Chip Truck and Chipper Dump Truck.  On the far right are three buttons, one is “CTT Codes Maint”.   This button lets the dealer change how the vehicle is categorized in CTT.  See how below.  

This is the routine that modifies how a vehicle is categorized on CTT.  It shows the images of the vehicle for reference.  Below the images will be a long list of truck types, the example below only shows a few options.  To change the truck type for CTT, either check of un-check the relevant options.   This system lets you select more than 3, but on the first 3 will be sent to CTT.