Work Truck Inventory Feature

Truck Type Search Options

Home Page Search Option

Below are three common inventory search options that can be included on the Home page.  These can be  included on any website Home page, including 3rd party websites.  In all cases, the dealer selects the truck types to include in these search options.

Inventory Search by Truck Type

Inventory Search by Body Company

Inventory Search by Truck Condition

Image Search For Any Web Page

These are examples of image searches that can be added to any web page.  This search can be for a specific truck, a truck type, trailers, parts, or a combination of any of these.  These images, and associated links, can be changed as needed.

2019 E-350 Supreme Box Truck
Clearance Price $42,855 MSRP $51,733
(The website will offer a link to this truck)
Buy Your Dump TrailersFrom Us
Many To Choose From
(The website will offer a link to these trailer)
Over 40 Chassis Cabs Available
Click To See All Of Them
(The website offers a direct link to these truck)

Image Search For Inventory Page

Below is an example of the image search from the Inventory page.  The trucks represented are selected by the dealership.