Quick Start Guide

Pricing Portal

Using the Pricing Portal you can easily and quickly manage your vehicle pricing.  You can also view past price modifications for the vehicle. 

Pricing Portal

The pricing portal allows you to change the MSRP, Selling Price and Specials Price.  

The Sell Price can be the price entered, or can be a price-plus Sell Price.  Some dealers enter their invoice price in the “Sell Price” field and the system will automatically add a set amount, say $300, to that price automatically. 

We also offer a Special Price.  Unlike the Sell Price, the Special Price has a Thru date.  When this date is reached the  price reverts back to the regular pricing.  The Special Price and the Thru Data is shown in the inventory in red. 

Pricing History

The price history section is part of the Pricing Portal and  has two main uses. 

First it lets you know how the vehicle has been priced while part of the active inventory. 

Secondly it can show your GM what you have done to create interest in the vehicle.  In reality, besides advertising, the only way you have of stimulating interest in a vehicle that is by price.