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Inventory Valuation Report

Inventory Valuation Summary Report

This report summarize the inventory valuation by truck type.  This is part of the Dealer Dashboard report.

Inventory Valuation Report by Truck Type w/Summary Total

This report values your inventory.  The initial sort is by stock number.  Other sort options are available by clicking some of the column titles.  For instance, this  report was sorted by Truck Type . It shows the entire dump truck inventory and total investment in these three trucks. 

Inventory Valuation Report by Days in Inventory

Here is another example of our Inventory Valuation report.  This one is  sorted by days in inventory, oldest to newest.   This report only includes some of the vehicles that are in the 120 to 179 days in inventory range.  Data ranges that are subtotaled are 0 and 119 days, 120 and 179 days, 180 and 269 days, 270 and 359 days and over 360 days.