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What Buyers Like!

Buyers are busy people!  Our inventory enables them find the vehicles they need fast and easy.  It also provides information they need to make an informed buying decision. 

Buyers Like Real Information about the Truck and Upfit Body 

Truck and upfit body information is very important to commercial work truck buyers.  Our inventory offers three valuable sources of real information:

Window Sticker – Some vehicle manufacturers offer on-line window stickers. These can usually be accessed through the Vehicle’s Detail Page.

Upfit Body Invoice – If we are provided an upfit body invoice,  it too can be included and accessed through the Vehicle’s Detail Page.  Price information is usually removed.   Unlike a body brochure, the body invoice is specific to the vehicle and provides specific details.   

Truck Invoice – When we have access to  truck invoices, those too can be accessed through the Vehicle’s Detail Page.  These can replace the  Window Sticker, if they are not available to our system.

Below is an example of our Vehicle Details Page.  On the right side are links to all three information sources mentioned above. 

Below the Vehicles Detail Page example are examples of all three information options.       



TRUCK INVOICE –  Pricing Removed


Window Sticker

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