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What Buyers Like!

Pricing Options 

Pricing is very important to any truck buyer.  In fact, besides advertising and direct marketing, pricing is one of the only ways you have of stimulating interest and leads.   We offer several pricing options.  Below are the most common.

Single Price Model

The two examples below show single level pricing.  For new vehicles, like the top example, the single level might be MSRP, but can be the Sell price.  For used, the second example, it is usually the Sell price.  We never recommend “$Call”  as the price, unless the dealer is in a non-competitive situation.

Two Price Model

Buyers like to know what their price might be, when compared to the MSRP price.  Our dealers find this pricing option to be very effective at generating leads, when compared to the Single Price Model.  

Special Price Model

Commercial buyers are no different than retail buyers, they like getting a “deal”.  Our Special price adds another dimension to the Two Price Model.  This option includes an expiration date.   The expiration date is to encourage buyers to contact our dealers before the expiration date.  Please note, upon reaching the expiration date, our system will automatically return the vehicle to its  original price.

Price Statement

The price statement is found under the price. There is a default for this statement, but each truck’s statement can be changed to reflect its specific pricing situation.  This also applies to the vehicles on Special.  Each vehicle put on special can include a unique price statement.  When the special expires, the price statement will return to its original price statement.

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