Quick Start Guide

Intelligent Inventory Augmenter

Almost every commercial dealer can use a few extra upfits in their inventory, from time to time.

One approach is to dump a lot of extraneous vehicles into your inventory, without thought as to what they are or how they fit in your inventory.  Often the vehicles don’t have real pictures, so your inventory ends out with a host of  identical stock images.  

Our Intelligent Augmenter takes a different approach.

You select the upfits you want to add to your inventory.

The upfit vehicles all have real pictures.

If you want us to manage the augmenting, we will. 

A portion of the Augmenter selection routine is below.  All you need to do is select the upfits you want to include in your inventory.  This is done by clicking the square at the top left corner. This will place a check mark in the square and the truck will be added to your inventory.  All pictures of the vehicle have been screened and do not include any dealership information.  You can change your selection daily.