Uncommon Inventory Features

This routine can create virtual window stickers for any vehicle, or upfit body, or equipment, or sleeper, .…  It also can create an Addendum Sticker, which some states require.  Any of these stickers can be printed on blank addendum labeling stock that can be adhered to the vehicle. 

+ $50/Month

This routine lets you add vehicles to your inventory that are not yet in your on-the-ground inventory. This includes inventories that are automatically updated by DMS.

+ $100/Month

This routine electronically stores and retrieves vehicle documents. Commonly stored documents are vehicle and body invoices, but a document can be virtually any PDF.

+ $100/Month

Sales Tracker

This routine can record information about each vehicle’s sales transaction. This includes transaction date, buyer name, salesperson, and notes.

+ $30/Month

This is an inventory of your sold vehicles. Plus, any electronic documents associated with that vehicle will also be included.  If you have included the Sales Tracker option, that information will also be available through this inventory.

+ $100/Month

The inventory includes either new or used vehicles.  This option includes both in the inventory.

+ $100/Month

CTT Updating

Our inventory can automatically update your Commercial Truck Trader inventory, daily. Each vehicle can be included in up to 3 truck type categories.

+ $0/Month

This routine features an inventory that is a duplicate of the current inventory.  This inventory is for dealer’s only and is password protected. It offers many marketing options including vehicle quotes, personalized vehicle brochures, printed price lists, and more.

+ $50/Month

This routine sends you a weekly email.  This email includes reports showing your results from the previous week.  The reports include Google Analytics, Truck Type Searches and “Hits”.

+ $50/Month

Website Package

Your work truck dealership is a national business, as you can have buyers visiting your website from all over the country. Many of these buyers will not know much, if anything, about your dealership. A work truck website is a critical component in conveying information to the buyer about your dealership and building your credibility in the mind of the buyer.

+ $200/Month

Salesperson Inventory

This inventory is a copy of the dealer’s inventory.  However, the Home page is customized for a salesperson.  All contact information only references the salesperson.


If your dealership group has multiple work truck departments, this is a tremendous tool for your auto group. It provides individual inventories for each department and a combined inventory of those departments.


It’s easier to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Our CRM helps dealers focus on both, increasing overall customer engagement.

This routine lets you quickly look up a buyer and see their past work truck purchases from your dealership. This includes detailed information about each vehicle purchased and any associated documents for that vehicle.

Instantly, you’re prepared for a relevant and informed conversation with the buyer.