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Category Search Options

Any of these search options can be included on any web page, which includes 3rd party websites.  For instance the Home page of your main website.

Image Search

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Industry/Group Search

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Each Truck Can Be Included In Multiple Truck Type Categories

The trucks below are an example of trucks that can be placed in multiple categories.  The dealer decides the categories for each truck type.  This insures buyers find all the trucks in your inventory that might meet their needs.

  • Chipper Dump  Truck
  • Landscape Truck
  • Dump Truck
  • Landscape Truck
  • Chipper Dump Truck
  • Chip Truck
  • Landscape Truck
  • Contractor Truck
  • Concrete Truck
  • Service Truck
  • Plumber’s Truck
  • Covered Utility Van
  • Service Truck
  • Plumber’s Truck

Our inventory provides several powerful search options for existing web pages.  Plus each vehicle can be included in all relevant Vehicle Types, so buyers find all vehicles that might meet their needs.