Flexible Dealer Solutions

– Your Website Home page is customized to reflect your market and your services 

–  Your work truck inventory is customized to your market and truck types

–  You decide what you need and therefore what you pay

Our System Is Reasonably Priced and  Modular
You Only Pay For What You Need!

Our Vehicle Inventory is $129 month!

However, you may find value in some of our options.

Configure your own system using our System Configurator.

Or select one of our popular packages.

Website & Inventory Packages 

These packages include a dealer website, which is made up of a customized Home page, Hours & Directions page and Contact Us page. 

The Home page is the most viewed webpage of a website and is a great place to advertise your commercial services.  

They also include automatic inventory updating through DMS data feed.  If the DMS data feed is not needed or not available, the package is reduced by $100 month.


Our Work Truck Website & Inventory System has proven to help sell more work trucks. 

Vehicle Inventory Pkg $330/Month

Sales Console

Our Sales Team Console provides vehicle information that is valuable in the sales process.

Sales Team Console Pkg $399/Month

Dealer Dashboard

Our Dealer Dashboard provides inventory information that is often not available otherwise. 

Dealer Dashboard Pkg $499/Month

*Our solutions do not require any long term contract.

Inventory Options

Electronic Document Storage

This systems lets you store and retrieve a vehicle’s documents through our inventory.   These documents are secured viewing.

WTP Window Sticker

Vehicle window stickers are great advertising tool and can be created and displayed, for any vehicle, even used vehicles.

Vehicle Tracker

This  routine lets you update the location of each vehicle.  This is valuable for multi-lot operations and can be used for tracking In-Transit vehicles

Addendum Stickers

Addendum stickers are a great informative piece for buyers walking your Lot, as they can show the actual price of an upfit vehicle.

Multi-Site Dealerships

If your dealership group has multiple work truck departments, this is a great tool.  It combines your separate inventories into a single inventory.

Check Out Our Newest Option
CRM for Work Trucks

Repeat Purchase Management System

This package is made up of our Archive (Sold) inventory, Electronic Document Storage & Retrieval system and our Sales Recording routine.  You can look up a buyer and see their past purchases from your dealership, which includes detailed information about the vehicle and any associated documents for that vehicle.  And much more!


About Work Truck Pros

Work Truck Pros is part of Advanced Integration Technologies (AIT).  AIT has been helping companies manage and control their warehouse inventories since 1994.  In 2005 we brought that inventory know-how and knowledge to work truck dealerships.  The company is Work Truck Pros.  The inventory created is an excellent tool for marketing your truck inventory through your website.  Given our inventory control background, our inventory also helps you manage your work truck inventory by providing helpful and insightful information about your inventory.