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Work Truck Websites & Inventory Systems 

Our Systems Work For You!

Helps You Sell More Work Trucks

Our Inventory System helps you sell more work trucks and here are a few ways how. (All Standard Features)

“1-Click” Truck Type Search for Buyers
Our inventory offers a truck type search from any webpage, including 3rd party webpages.  1-Click and the buyer finds all trucks in your inventory that meet their needs.

Truck Type Search Reporting
This report shows you what buyers are searching for in your inventory.  An excellent way to uncover truck type needs in your area, while providing a case to your GM why you should consider stocking that truck type.

Google Analytics Including For Every Inventory
This unbiased Internet analytics tools, shows you how your website is performing so you can monitor your websites performance.  Without it, your website might have a negative impact on your sales, without you knowing it.

Search Engine Optimization for Your Work Truck Dealership   
We build our inventory under a domain your dealership owns. This means the search engines recognize your dealership as a commercial work truck dealership.

Gives Your Sales Team Valuable Vehicle Details

Our Sales Team Console provides vehicle information that will aid your team in the sells process.  (Optional Package)

Our Sales Team Console provides the following information

    • The number of days the vehicle has been in stock
    • The number of times the Vehicle’s Detail Page has been viewed in the last week.
    • The salesperson can immediately see if a vehicle is in an “On-Hold” status.
    • The system can show all vehicles of the same:
      • Body Code
      • Cab-to-Axle
      • Upfit type
    • The salesperson can create a personalized quote in minutes.
    • The salesperson can print a brochure of the vehicle with their information included.
    • The salesperson can view any vehicle documents associated with the vehicle.

Our Admin Console adds administrative tasks to the Sales Team Console.  It offers these abilities:

    • Place a vehicle in (and out of) an On-Hold status
    • Place a vehicle in (and out of) an On-Order status
    • Change a vehicle’s location
    • Change price of a vehicle
    • Delete a vehicle
    • Reset a vehicle from delete (sold) status. 

Provides In-Depth Inventory Information

Our Dealer Dashboard gives you information that is often not available to you. And this information is summarized and emailed to you weekly. (Optional Package)

Days-In-Inventory Report
This report shows the Average Number of Days each type of truck takes to sell.  Based on your past sales.  It can help you make buying decisions and justify these decisions to your GM.

Aging Report
This report shows a count and the value of your inventory in  these groups:
0 to 119 Days
120 to 179 Days
180 to 269 Days
270 to 360 Days
Over 360 Days
This report can show the individual vehicles that make up each group.  This report can also be run for a truck type, for instance Chassis Cabs.

Inventory Valuation Report
This report shows your investment by truck type.  The detail report shows the individual trucks that make up each group.

Body Code Report
This report shows your vehicles grouped by Body Codes.
Fields on the report:
Truck Type

Our Inventory Systems starts at $129/month, which maybe all you need.

However, many dealers find value in our advanced packages and options. 

With our system, you only pay for what you need!

Custom Build Your System With Our Price Configurator. 

Here are 3 Popular Packages for Franchise Dealers

Website & Inventory Pkg

Complete Stand Alone Website
$ 349
  • Work Truck Website
  • Data File Updating (*)
  • CTT Automatic Updating

Sales Team Console Pkg

The Tools Your Sales Team Needs
$ 499
  • Website & Inventory Pkg
  • Sales Team Console
  • Elec. Document Storage

Dealer Dashboard Pkg

The Tools Your Management Team Needs
$ 659
  • Sales Team Console Pkg
  • Dealer Dashboard Update
  • Archive Inventory

*No long-term contract required.  Cancellation only requires a 30 day notice. 


About Work Truck Pros

Work Truck Pros is part of Advanced Integration Technologies (AIT).  AIT has been helping companies manage and control their warehouse inventories since 1994.  In 2005 we brought that inventory know-how and knowledge to work truck dealerships.  The company is Work Truck Pros.  The inventory created is an excellent tool for marketing your truck inventory through your website.  Given our inventory control background, our inventory also helps you manage your work truck inventory by providing helpful and insightful information about your inventory.