Work Truck Dealerships
Combined Inventory

The Combined Inventory includes vehicles from all work truck stores in the dealership’s group that are using our inventory. Each of the vehicle’s ads will include the dealership’s name, phone number and a direct link to their website. As in the example below .

Combined Inventory

The Individual Dealerships

Each individual dealership will have their own inventory system dedicated to their work trucks.  It is this individual inventory that is often displayed at the individual dealership’s website.  

Dealership 1
Dealership 2
Dealership 3

Individual Dealerhip’s SRP Option – A dealer’s inventory system will only show their work trucks on the SRP. However, we offer an option that will show the combined work truck’s inventory, but not as truck ads. The example below show the search results for a Flatbed Truck from the Chevrolet inventory. The last truck ad will be followed with a list of Flatbed trucks found in the combined inventory. There is also a direct link to the combined inventory that will go directly to that SRP for Flatbed trucks.