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Multi-Store Work Truck Dealerships

The Individual Dealerships

Each dealership has their own inventory dedicated to their work truck vehicles.    

Dealership 1
Dealership 2
Dealership 3

The Combined Inventory

The Combined Inventory includes the vehicles from each of the group’s stores.  The vehicle’s ads, from the Combined Inventory, will include the dealership’s name, phone number and a direct link to their website.  Below is an example of a vehicle ads from the combined site. 

Combined Inventory

Never Miss A Sales Opportunity Again!

The inventory for each store shows only the dealership’s work trucks, but can include results from the Combined Inventory.  For example, below is a search for Flatbed Trucks in the Chevrolet inventory.  Below the final truck ad for the store is a list of all Service Trucks in the combined inventory and a link to that inventory.   If the store does not have the truck you need, maybe one of the other stores will.