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Marketing, Management and CRM Package

This package includes both the Marketing and Management Packages, as well as CRM and other advanced features. 

CRM for Work Trucks

Studies have found that it cost 5 times as much to attract a new customer than keep an existing one.

Upfit Trucks represents your greatest opportunity for repeat business.

The Secret to Getting Repeat Customers*

  1. Let customersknow what you are doing for them. …
  2. Write old customerspersonal, handwritten notes frequently. …
  3. Keep it personal. …
  4. Remember special occasions. …
  5. Pass on information. …
  6. Consider follow-up calls business development calls. …
  7. Attend trade shows and industry events that are important to your customers.

CRM for Upfit Trucks gives you and your salespeople the reminders you need to create repeat customers, but more importantly, it gives you the truck and body information to make the contact relevant and personal.


U-Print Addendum Stickers

If there isn't a QR Code available a set image from the dealer will replace it.
Scan The Lot

Featuring Vehicle Marketing at the Vehicle

Our inventory offers the ability for you to print professional looking addendum stickers for your Upfit vehicles. While the window sticker highlights the features of the vehicle, the addendum sticker highlights the features of the body, and provides complete vehicle pricing information.

QR Code Vehicle Advertising

Scan The Lot

Featuring Vehicle Marketing at the Vehicle

Our system includes the ability of creating a QR Sticker for each vehicle.  QR codes can be scanned by most any cell phone, with a Bar Code add.  When scanned it will take them to the Vehicle’s Detail Page.  This page will remain in their browser until they delete it. 


The QR Code can be created using one of the free QR Code generators.
This is an example of the first page of a Virtual Detail Page.