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Management Dashboard

Inventory Management Reports and Website Performance Reports 

This gives the commercial manager more information about their website and inventory, than their manager has available!

Google Analytics – Objective Website Performance

Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics is an objective evaluation of the commercial website’s performance.  Without this type analysis there is no way to know how your website is performing. 

Hit’s Reporting by  Truck Type.

Our “Hits” report is an excellent complement to Google Analytics.  Where GA shows how many users visited your website, our “Hits” report shows the buyers interest by truck types.

A “Hit” only occurs when a someone views a Vehicle’s Detail Page.  This allows us to accumulate “Hits” for each vehicle, which can be summarized for  truck type.  

Truck Type Search Report


Our Truck Type Search report is an excellent complement to Google Analytics and the “Hits” report. 

This report shows the buyer’s interest by tallying the Truck Type searches used to view the inventory.

One advantage to this report is showing interest in truck types that are not in stock.   

The reports above are updated weekly, the reports below are updated monthly.
All report are included in the Dashboard email each week.
All reports can be accessed by the commercial manager at any time.

Inventory Valuation by Truck Type

This report shows the total trucks and investment by truck type.  

Inventory Aging Report

Aging Report

This report is  broken down by set days-in-inventory ranges.  It shows your inventory breakdown by the total number of vehicles and investment for each date range.  

This report can cause heart burn, but knowing your exact situation allows you to better manager it.

The detail report shows the actual vehicles comprising each date range. 

Average Days in Inventory for Sold Trucks, by Truck Type

This report shows the Days-In-Inventory for vehicles sold through your inventory.  The summary report is broken down by truck type and shows the average number of days each truck type.

This report has been used to defend stocking purchases. 

Chassis Cab Only Report

This report only shows the Chassis Cabs in your inventory.  It includes pertinent information about each chassis. We included this report at the request of our dealers.

There are several other inventory management reports available to the dealer.  These reports are available for viewing at any time, but are not included in the Weekly Dashboard.