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RPG for Work Trucks

A System for Creating Repeat Customers

Studies have found that it cost 5 times as much to attract new customers than keeping an existing one. 

Upfit trucks are a repeat purchase vehicle, so what are you doing to keep these customers?

There is no secret to creating a repeat customers.  Customers simply want to know they are more than a sell to you.

This can be accomplished by timely, personal and relevant contact.  

RPG for Work Trucks not only reminds you to make timely contacts, more importantly, it provides the information you need to make the contact personal and relevant. Here is what it offers.

Sales History Report

The Sales History report is the key to the RPG system.  It offers 4 unique but identical reports.  They are:

  • Sales Report by Salespersons 
  • Sales Reports by Customer
  • Sales Report by Truck Type

Each of these report can be limited in scope by specifying a date range. 

The example below is the by Customer report with the date range of 11/09/20  to 12/09/20. 

Vehicle’s Detail Page 

By clicking the VIN on the Sale History report, it will display the Vehicle’s Detail Page from the Archive (Sold) Inventory.  This page can include vehicle pictures, example below.

Customer’s Information 

By clicking the Customer# on the Sale History report, it will display the Customer’s information. 

Associated Vehicle Documents

If there are associated documents for the vehicle they will be available for viewing by clicking the View Documents button on the Vehicle’s Detail Page.  Common associated documents are vehicle invoices. 

C90409 Invoice

Customer Notes

The Notes are on the far right of the Sales History report.  These can include notes about the purchase itself and then supplemented with notes about each contact event.  Example of Notes below. 

12/3/20 Contacted them about the vehicle today.  The Ford is still holding up.  I mentioned the new F-600 being manufactured and they were very interested.  Will meet with them soon to discuss in more detail. 

5/3/20 It has been 6 months since the purchase and I followed up to hear how the Ford was doing.  So far so good, but they are still  not ready to deem the Ford a success just yet.

This company has not used a Ford vehicle for this truck type before, but are hoping it works as it is less money than the type they are purchasing now. 

This routine provides information on who to contact, based on selected dates.  Plus, it provides detailed information on the purchased vehicle.  This information is used to make the contact personal and relevant for the customer, no matter who makes it or how it is made.  

The RPG for Work Trucks Routine is offered as a Stand Alone system.