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CRM / Repeat Purchase Manager for Work Trucks

Studies have found that it cost 5 times as much to attract new customers than keeping an existing one.  Upfit trucks are a repeat purchase vehicle and RPM helps you make these customers, repeat customers!

There is no secret to creating a repeat customers.  Customers simply want to know they are more than just another “notch” in your Sales belt. 

To accomplish this you need to have timely, personal and relevant contact with the past buyer.   

RPM helps you make these customers, repeat customers, by providing detailed information about their past purchases!

Below is what we offer to facilitate the contact. 

Archive Inventory

Archive Inventory SRP

Our Archive Inventory is an inventory of your sold work trucks.  It is a key component for the RPM system. Here is what it offers:

  • Our Archive inventory is from your active inventory and includes details about the truck and upfit body, if there is one.
  • Trucks in our Archive Inventory will include any associated documents from the active inventory.  These can include truck and body invoices, sales worksheets, client worksheet, ….
  • It offers a VIN lookup, which can provide invaluable information when making follow up calls to a past client
  • It offers a truck type search.  This search can be narrowed by the date range of purchase.

Sales History Report

The Sales History Report is another key component of the RPM system.  Here is some of what it offers. 

  • VIN look-up and direct access to a vehicle in the the Archive
  • There is a Notes section where the contact information can be entered for each sales transaction
  • If the salespersons name has been included then the report can be ran for each salesperson
  • If the customer name/number has been entered the report can be ran for each customer
  • All reports can include a date range which will limit the  transaction to only those between the selected dates

Associated Vehicle Documents

C90409 Invoice

If there were documents associated with the vehicle, these documents will be available for viewing.  These documents can be anything.  The most common documents are invoices, but sales worksheets are also a popular document to include. 

Contact Notes

12/3/20 Contacted them about the vehicle today.  The Ford is still holding up.  I mentioned the new F-600 being manufactured and they were very interested.  Will meet with them soon to discuss in more detail. 

5/3/20 It has been 6 months since the purchase and I followed up to hear how the Ford was doing.  So far so good, but they are still  not ready to deem the Ford a success just yet.

This company has not used a Ford vehicle for this truck type before, but are hoping it works as it is less money than the type they are purchasing now. 

The Notes are available through the Sales Report as well. These are specific to a sales transaction, so they are  also specific to a vehicle.  This can be valuable when a client has more than one vehicle. 

By providing detailed information about the purchased vehicle and  notes on past contacts, almost anyone can make a  personal and relevant contact for the dealership.