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CRM for Work Trucks

No Detail Forgotten

Imagine a past customer phones unexpectedly.  You recognize the company name, but cannot remember what, or when, they purchased from you.  What do you do?  With CRM for Work Trucks you have the information at your finger tips in seconds. 

In an instant you’re informed and prepared with a comprehensive view of all their purchases, from your work truck dealership.  You easily personalize the conversations with facts about their past purchases.  The customer thinks that they are a valued client.

More Repeat Sales

It’s easier to keep an existing customer than acquire a new one. But too many work truck dealers focus only on new customers.  Utlizing CRM for Work Trucks you can do both.  Continue to focus on the new customers, while using CRM for Work Trucks to easily keep engaged with past customers. 

More New Sales

Having detailed information about a business’s work truck fleet is the best way to make a positive and effective impression on a prospective client. 

Gathering this information can take time and effort.  CRM for Work Trucks provides a place to store this information. Imagine having this information easily available when the opportunity arises.  

Major Components of CRM for Work Trucks

Archive Truck Listing  w/Buyer Information

The Archive Inventory is an inventory of sold vehicles.

+ Each sold truck has a Vehicle Detail Page.  This page includes information about the vehicle. 

+ It will also link to any vehicle documents that are available for the vehicle (e.g. truck and body invoices). 

+ Most importantly, it will provide information about the buyer.  (in blue font)

Sales History Report – By Company

This CRM for Work Trucks report shows the known work trucks for a business. This includes trucks that were sold by the dealer and those that were not.

Each truck record has an accompanying detail truck report.   See example below

Detail Truck Reports

The detail truck reports provides valuable information about the vehicle.  It includes access to any associated vehicle documents.

This information is available anywhere there is access to the Internet.

Available Vehicle Documents

CRM for Work Trucks offers an electronic document storage and retrieval system. Documents for a vehicle can be stored with the vehicle detail report and retrieved as needed. Below are two common examples of associated vehicle documents.
C90409 Invoice

Contact  Notes

CRM for Work Trucks offers notes both for the client, as well as each vehicle. 

By providing detailed notes for both the company and each vehicle, almost anyone can make a personal and relevant contact for the dealership.

Client Notes – This note field is standard for any CRM system and often the only available notes field. Vehicle Notes – As you can see in the above example, a company can have multiple vehicles in their fleet.  Our system offers notes for each vehicle associated with a company in the CRM.  This allows notes to be added that are vehicle specific.
Imagine having this information available in seconds,
anywhere you have access to the Internet!