Work Truck One

CRM for Work Trucks

Instantly, you’re prepared and informed when talking with a past client. 

No Details Forgotten

CRM Customer Retention System lets you access this information anytime you are connected to the Internet.

The information can be accessed by Customer Number or Name, Truck Type, or Sales Transaction Date.

Imagine a past customer phones unexpectedly.  You recognize the company name, but cannot remember what, or when, they purchased from you.  What do you do? 

With CRM for Work Trucks you have the information at your finger tips in seconds. Instantly, you’re prepared and informed with a comprehensive view of all of their purchases.

This creates added value for both the dealer and the customer, as it provides information that creates a personal and relevant conversation.  One the client will appreciate.

More Repeat Sales

It’s easier to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Our CRM easily helps dealers focus on both, increasing overall customer engagement.

More New Sales

Having detailed information about a business’s work truck fleet is the best way to make a positive and effective impression on a prospective client. 

Gathering this information can take time and effort.  CRM for Work Trucks provides a place to store this information. Imagine having this information easily available when the opportunity arises.  

CRM for Work Trucks offers an electronic document storage and retrieval system. Documents for a vehicle can be stored with the vehicle detail report and retrieved as needed. Below are two common examples of associated vehicle documents.
Imagine having this information available in seconds,
anywhere you have access to the Internet!