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Inventory Condition Selector

This options means your entire inventory can be include in your inventory.  Because the Condition Search can be used to narrow down the inventory search when needed.     

The advantage of this is that a buyer will find every vehicle you have that meets their needs.  Our experience indicates that most new vehicle buyers will not consider a used vehicle, unless it is an emergency.  However, a used buyer might consider a new vehicle. 

The dealer decides which Conditions are to be used in their inventory.  The Condition options can include New, Used, In-Transit, On-Order, and Specials. These Condition can be selected from the main inventory page and/or the Home page. 

This example shows the Condition selector found on the Main Inventory page.     

This example shows an illustration of the Conditions selector for the Home Page.  In this case it is a drop-down menu, but can be an image menu as well.