Work Truck Pros

Dealer’s Website Build

Below left is an example of a dealer’s website Home Page.  To keep cost down we offer a set design, utilizing images and ads relevant to your market and dealership. 

This is part of the rotating ads at the top of the Home page demo site.

Header Section – This section will include your logo and information about your dealership. The color scheme is selected by the dealer.

Menu Navigation Section (The black band in the Header section, which is hard to read in this reduced illustration) –  This section includes links to the inventory, dealer pages, and any  acceptable third party pages or applications. 

Here are some links commonly included:

  • Home
  • Truck Type Search – This includes truck types specifically selected by the dealer.  These can change as needed.
  • Group Type Search (optional) – This includes truck groups created for the dealer.
  • Feature Search (optional) – This includes specific features selected by the dealership. 
  • Condition Search (optional) – New, Used, All, … 
  • Towing Information (optional) – This includes towing definitions and common towing weights.  We can also include “Ford Towing Guides”.  
  • Dealer Information – This can include: Hours & Direction, About Us, Meet The Staff and Contact Us Pages.

Top Image Section – This section (shown here with a Winter ad) consists of 3 to 5 rotating ads.  It will be updated by Work Truck Pros with at least one new add each 3 months.  These are typically the seasonal ads.  This section can be updated with dealer supplied ads as often as desired.

Body Section – This section includes four sections, two image search sections and two dealer ads. 

The first image search section, in this example, are for Construction Trucks, Trailers and Upfit Trucks.  The dealer selects the search types.   

The second image search section, in this example, is a Pickup Capacity search.   This is a great option is you have multiple Makes in your inventory. 

The dealer ads are provided by the dealer and changed as needed.

This is an example of another popluar search options. The options to search for are dealer specifc.
This is a popular dealer ad concept.

Footer Section – This includes dealer information and the navigation menu. 

Four Additional Pages That Can Be Included

Hours and Directions Page
Meet The Staff Page
Contact Us Page
About Us Page