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Marketing & Management Package

This packages includes the Marketing Package features, as well as  reports and routines designed to help you manage your work truck inventory

Inventory Valuation by Truck Type

This report shows your inventory investment based on the truck type.  It shows both the number of vehicles per type, along with the total investment. 

There is also a detail report which shows the individual vehicles that make up each category.

Inventory Aging Report

Aging Report

The Aging report is broken down by a set group of days-in-inventory.  It shows both the number of vehicles, along with the investment total for each date range.  

The detail report shows the actual vehicles that make up each group. 

Average Days in Inventory for Sold Trucks, by Truck Type

This report shows the Days-In-Inventory for sold vehicles.  The report is broken down by truck type and shows the average number of days each truck type was in your inventory..

The detail report shows the individual  trucks and their Days-In-Inventory that make up each group.  

Pricing History of Each Vehicle

Pricing is one of the few ways you have of stimulating interest in a vehicle.   If you have ever been asked the question, “What have you done to sell this vehicle?” you will appreciate the value of this report.

On-Hold Routine

How many times have you, or another salesperson,  spent time and effort selling a vehicle to a buyer, only to find out it is On-Hold?  

This feature will let a salesperson realize a vehicle is On-Hold by simply looking at it in the inventory.  This is done by an On-Hold icon that will  appear in the status line of the vehicle.  The icon can be an icon of your choosing. 

On-Hold Report

The On-Hold report shows the vehicles on hold.  It shows the initials of the salesperson who put it on on hold, when it was put on hold and for whom.

In-Transit Status

Vehicles that are In-Transit can be included in the website inventory.  These vehicles are designated by an “In-Transit” banner, which can  include an anticipated ETA date.