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Small Dealership Package

The Small Dealership Package is the foundation of our inventory system.  This package is  designed to market your work trucks to commercial buyers.   It includes all the routines needed to add, edit,  delete vehicles in the Active Inventory.  Below are some of the features that make our inventory unique in the industry and a very effective marketing tool.  

Our Inventory Works For All Truck Types

You may wonder how our inventory can address the needs of very different vehicles.  For instance, a backhoe has very different feature than a dump truck or a semi tractor Our inventory allows the building of feature sets based on the vehicle type.

Our Inventory Offers Many Truck Type Search Options For Your Website

These options are compatible with most 3rd party websites and can be placed on any website page.  This includes your retail Home page. 

Truck Type Search, based on an image.

Truck Type Search By, Drop Down Menu(Click arrow on right side for drop-down)

Industrial Group Search, by Image
(This might include several truck types)
Can be a direct link to dump truks

Our Inventory Offers An Image Search From The Main Inventory Page

The truck types to include are selected by the dealership.  The dealership can use our images or they can provide their own images, which offers even more uniqueness for their site. 

Image Search

Our Inventory Can Include Each Vehicle In Multiple Categories

It is critically important that a buyer can easily find the trucks in your inventory. We achieve this by offering various truck type search options, as indicated above.  However, many upfit trucks can fit into more than one category.  So that buyers don’t miss a possible fit to their vehicle needs, our  inventory can include each vehicle in multiple categories. Some examples are below. 

  • Covered Utility Van
  • Service Truck
  • Plumber’s Truck
  • Dump Truck
  • Landscape Truck
  • Construction Truck
  • Contractor Truck
  • Service Truck
  • Concrete Truck
  • Flat Work Truck

Our Inventory’s Truck Ads Provide Valuable Information For The Commercial Buyer 

The example below shows a common truck ad in the main inventory section.  We try to provide the information buyers and salespeople need, without overwhelming the ad with unnecessary information and excessive marketing hype, commonly found on retail sites.

Listing Ad

Our Inventory’s Vehicle’s Detail Page Offers Even More Information For The Buyer

The example below shows our Vehicle Detail’s Page for an upfit truck.  We keep the page informative without overwhelming it with standard, and often irrelevant, features.  

Vehicle’s Detail Page – Heavy Duty Truck (Shown for comparison purposes)

This is an example of a Vehicle’s Detail Pages for a heavy duty truck. Different truck types require different information and our VDP can be customized for each truck type category. These can all exist in a single inventory.   

Our Inventory Analyzes Your Website’s Performance

Every one of our inventory systems includes Google Analytics.  We include this tool because it provides an objective evaluation of your commercial website’s performance.  Without this kind of measurement, you have no way of accessing the success, or failure, of your website. 

Google Analytics Report