Website Inventory Systems For Work Trucks

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Vehicle Inventory System

Helps You Sell More Commercial Work Trucks

Our  Vehicle Inventory Package is the foundation of our Work Truck website solutions.  Some dealers find it is all they need.

Each of our dealer’s inventory systems is a unique and standalone inventory system.  This allows us to customize the inventory system to meet your specific  needs.

Google Analytic Integration

Website Traffic Analysis

Google Analytics is included with every inventory system because it provides an objective measure of how your website is performing.

A website is an incredibly important marketing tool, but simply having a website is no guarantee of success.  If you don’t monitor your websites performance, it can just as likely be under performing and hurting your business. 

Google Analytics

Inventory  Features

How The Work Truck Inventory Is Built, If Using Data File Updating

The Rules Are Made By The Dealer –  Here Are 3 Examples 

Stock Number Based

The stocking decision is based on the stock number.  For instance, we have dealers that includes all vehicles that have a stock number that starts with a “C”. e.g. C123456

  • T

Data File Status Field Based

The stocking decision is based on a status field in the data file.  For instance, some dealers have “Fleet Inventory” in the status field.

Rules Based

The stocking decision is based on inventory rules. Here is one dealer’s rules:

    • All F-150 and F-250 that are Oxford White and have a trim of “XL”.
    •  All F-350 pickups that are Oxford White and have a trim of “XL”.  Except all F-350 DRW are included.
    • All F-450 pickups are included.
    • All chassis are included. Except F-59 stripped chassis.
    • All cargo vans are included
    • All upfit trucks are included.


 In all cases the dealer can make exceptions. 


– Trucks can be included that would not otherwise be included.

 – Trucks can be  excluded that would otherwise be included.

“1-Click” Truck Type Search

The key to an effective inventory system is the ability for buyers to find all the vehicles in your inventory that meet their needs.  Our inventory excels at this by offering buyers a one click truck type search.  

Our “1-Click” search can exist on any web page and on any website. Below are some examples of “1-Click” search options.  These are customized for each dealer. 

Your Truck Type Search, can be based on an image.

Your Truck Type Search can be Based on a Drop Down Menu

Your Truck Type Search can be based on the Condition(New arrivals inclusion and deletions can be automatic)

Our “1-Click” search can even  include an image search from our Search Results Page.  

This is an image search and will include only the truck types the dealer selects to incldue

 Truck Types to Include in our “1-Click” Search

Your dealership is unique and the truck types you include in your “1-Click” search should be your decision.  With our system it is!  Plus it is easy to change your search options as your business and needs change.  

 Multiple Categories for Each Truck

Our “1-Click” search is a powerful option and this feature makes it even more powerful.  Many upfit trucks can, and should be, included in multiple truck types.  Our inventory lets the dealer include each truck in as many categories as they deem relevant.  Below are some general examples.

  • Covered Utility Van
  • Service Truck
  • Plumber’s Truck
  • Dump Truck
  • Landscape Truck
  • Construction Truck
  • Contractor Truck
  • Service Truck
  • Concrete Truck
  • Flat Work Truck

Our Search Results Page (SRP)

When a buyer finds trucks that might meet their needs our SRP offers them valuable information about each truck.

Bothe Buyers and the Sales Team Will Find Value in the

Our Vehicle’s Detail Page (VDP)

Our VDP offers even greater details about a selected truck.  Information that the buyer will find helpful in their search for their next work truck.  

Our inventory is customized to reflect your unique needs and  business model.  And it gives you the tools you need to know it is working for you.