An Inventory System Designed for Work Vehicles of All Types

Base Inventory Package Features

The Base Inventory is the foundation of our inventory system. It includes all routines needed to add, edit, and delete vehicles from the Active Inventory.

Below are some of the advanced features that make up this package.

Supports Virtually Any Work Truck or Industrial Equipment Type

You may wonder how our inventory can address the needs of very different vehicles, vehicles that all have very different features to highlight.  For instance, a backhoe has very different features needs than a dump truck. A semi tractor with a sleeper requires features for both the truck and the sleeper. Our inventory allows the building of feature sets for each vehicle type

Truck Type Search Options,
Compatible with Most 3rd Party Websites
Truck Type Search, Based on Images
(This might be a direct link to dump trucks)
Truck Type Search by, Drop Down Menu
(Click arrow on right side for drop-down)
Industrial Group Search, by Image
(This might include several truck types)
Can be a direct link to dump truks

Each Vehicle Can Be Included In Multiple Categories

  • Covered Utility Van
  • Service Truck
  • Plumber’s Truck
  • Dump Truck
  • Landscape Truck
  • Construction Truck
  • Contractor Truck
  • Service Truck
  • Concrete Truck
  • Flat Work Truck

Google Analytics – Objective Website Performance

Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics results are an objective evaluation of your commercial website’s performance.  The compiled results, shown on the left, are updated and emailed to the dealership weekly.  The complete Google Analytics results are available to the dealership.

Hit’s Reporting – Objective Active Inventory Interest by Truck Type

Our “Hits” report is an excellent complement to Google Analytics.  Where GA shows how many users visited your website, our “Hits” report shows the buyers interest by truck types.

A “Hit” only occurs when a someone clicks through a Vehicle’s Detail Page.  This allows us accumulate total “Hits” for each vehicle and truck type.  

Truck Type Search  – Objective Search Results by Truck Type


Our Truck Type Search report is an excellent complement to Google Analytics and the “Hits” report. 

This report shows the buyer’s interest by tracking the Truck Type search used to view the inventory.

We recently had a dealer that had consistent search results for Contractor Trucks, even though they did not stock that type of truck.   


Truck Type Report

This report shows how each truck is categorized both in your website inventory and on national advertising sites.  Ensuring this accuracy ensures buyers are finding your trucks when they need them. From this report you can update the categories, as needed.  There is no summary report for this report, but there is a link to it from the Dashboard. 

This is a section of the Truck Type report.  There are 3 sections to this section:

  • Top Section – Shows how the truck is categorized in your inventory. In this case it is as a Contractor Truck and Service Truck 
  • Middle Section – Shows what is known about the upfit body, if there is one.
  • Bottom Section – The brochure name, if one is associated with the truck.

This represents the far right sections of the Truck Type report.  This shows how the truck will be categorized at Commercial Truck Trader, since it accepts up to 3 categories per truck.  Most other advertising sites only accept 1 category, and for those it will be the far left category, known as the Primary category.

Pricing Portal

The Pricing Portal allows a dealer to change or add a MSRP, Sell Price or Special Price.  It also lets you modify the Price Statement of each vehicle. 

XML Sitemap by Truck Type

The Site Map can include groups by both body companies and truck types

By selecting a group, the individual trucks that are included in the group will be available.