Work Truck One

Marketing Package – Reporting Features

The Marketing Package is the foundation of our inventory system. It includes all routines needed to add, edit,  delete vehicles from the Active Inventory, and most importantly market your vehicles.  Below are some of the features this package offers. 


Hit’s Reporting – Objective Active Inventory Interest by Truck Type

Our “Hits” report is an excellent complement to Google Analytics.  Where Google Analytics shows how many users visited your website, our “Hits” report shows what trucks the buyers are looking at in your inventory.

A “Hit” only occurs when a someone clicks through to the Vehicle’s Detail Page.  This allows us accumulate total “Hits” for each vehicle and therefore each truck type.  

Truck Type Search  – Objective Search Results by Truck Type


This report shows the buyer’s interest by tracking the Truck Type search used to view the inventory. For instance, if a buyer clicks on the Dump truck search from the main landing page, that search is tallied in this report.

Truck Type Report

This report ensures your trucks are categorized correctly. It shows how each truck is categorized both in your website inventory, and on Commercial Truck Trader, if you are using that service. Ensuring the accuracy of the categories allows buyers to find your trucks when they are looking for them.

This section of the report shows how the truck is categorized in your inventory. If upfit, it will show the upfit information as well.

This section shows how the truck will be categorized on Commercial Truck Trader.  Their feed accepts up to 3 categories per truck.  

Pricing Portal

In the past, work truck pricing was not important in getting leads. Now, it is a requirement. Our Pricing Portal offers the dealer the ability to view and change a truck’s pricing as needed. In some cases, the pricing may come directly from the retail data feed. However, these prices may not reflect rebates available for work trucks. Our Pricing Portal will let a commercial manager change the price, not letting it be updated by the retail site. This is done with the Special Price section. This section also offers an expiration date and a Special Pricing Statement. This statement will be shown in the inventory for this truck.

XML Sitemap by Truck Type

The Site Map is important for generating SEO for the work truck dealership and upfit trucks.  Our Site Map can include  both body companies and truck types. 

By selecting a group, the individual trucks that are included in the group will be available.