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Easy To Use Powerful Search Options 

Advanced Inventory Search

Main Search Section

This section helps buyers easily find the vehicle they need.
It can be even more valuable for the salesperson that understands how it works.

This is a hierarchical search. What we mean by this is that each search field is dependent on the fields selected in front of it. 

For example, if Service Truck is selected as the Category, all remaining fields will only be filled with options available on Service Trucks in the inventory.

To go one step further, if Service Truck is selected as the Category, and then F-350 is selected as the model,  then the remaining fields will on include options on the F-350 Service Trucks. 

It is not necessary to start with the first fields.  For example, if you wanted to see all Diesel trucks, just select Diesel as the Fuel type. Then only trucks with diesel engines will be included in the search.

If you then want to narrowed down to 4X4 diesel trucks, simply select 4X4 as the drive. 

This makes it very easy find trucks in your inventory that meets the needs of the buyer, without a great deal of effort. 

Advanced Features Search

This Advanced Feature Search is another powerful search option.   The options included in this search are selected by the dealership. 

This search returns all vehicles in the  inventory for a selected feature or features selected.   For example, if a PTO option is needed, this search can show all vehicles with PTO.  Below is an example of what one dealership selected as search options for their inventory.

These search options are decided by the dealer so they can be applicable to your inventory and market.

Specifications Search Options

These are specifications for the vehicle and in some cases are VIN specific.

Call for a demonstration of these capabilities, and more!