Quotation System

Using our quote system you can create and email a simple quote in seconds.  Below is an example of a quote.   

  • The quote heading information is customized for your dealership.
  • A quote pulls the trucks information and pictures from the inventory system. 
  • A quote can be sent to a prospect by HTML link, or as a PDF.
  • The quote date is the computer’s date, but can be changed. 
  • The expiration date is set at 30 days from the quote date, and can be changed as needed. 
  • Multiple sales people can use the quote system and each can have their contact information saved.  This makes it easily recalled and used. 
  • The top most pricing field in this example is titled “MSRP”, but the title can be changed, as can the price.
  • There are 10 discount fields.  Common discount titles can be saved, so to be used over and over again.  Unique discount titles can also be entered, as needed.  The price for each discount must be entered.  
  • There are 8 Adder fields and work the same as discount fields.
  • The system will determine the “Your Price”, by what has been entered in the Discounts and Adder fields. 
  • “Quotation Notes” is a text field for entering whatever notes are relevant to the quote.
  • The “Disclaimer” field can include a set disclaimer established by the dealership.  It can also include other disclaimers that can be selected from a drop-down menu.  Or a disclaimer can be key entered. 
  • A finished quote is saved in our system until the vehicle is sold. 
  • A saved quote can be modified and saved.  This does replace the previous quote.
  • A saved quote can be copied and changed.  This option does not change the original quote.  It creates a new quote based on the original  quote.