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Work Truck Inventory Package

$ 299
Per Month
  • This is our commercial inventory system package. It provides all the features needed to effectively advertises your commercial truck inventory through your existing website. This packages includes an automated inventory update via a data file provided by your main website provider. This data file is then enhanced to include the information needed by commercial buyers.
  • We also offer a D.I.Y. inventory system, where a dealer can do their own updating. Call for details.

Work Truck Website Package

$ 399
Per Month
  • This package includes the Work Truck Inventory Package. The website is for the commercial truck dealership that does much more than just sell work trucks. A website builds credibility with the buyers and prospects, as well as advertise the complete line of commercial services and products available from your dealership. We update the website Home page monthly and other pages as needed. This keeps your website fresh and up-to-date and helps generate Search Engine Optimization (SEO ).

Large Upfit Inventory Package

$ 499
Per Month
  • This package includes both the Work Truck Inventory and Work Truck Website packages. This package includes features that only have value to dealerships with a large upfit inventory.

All plans are month-to-month, no long term commitment.

Inventory and Website Options – We do offer additional products and services that are priced separately.  

Electronic Storage of Body Invoices and Truck Invoices – $2/per invoice if provided ready to add.  $4/per invoice if the invoice requires modification, typically this is removing the prices from the invoice. 

Archive Inventory – This is an inventory of sold vehicles.  It can be useful in both pre-sales and post-sales.  If storing body invoices and /or truck invoices, these will be available in the Archive, as well.  When paired with the Sales History Tracker you now know not only what you sold to a client, but you have valuable truck and body information as well.  $100/month

Multi-Dealership Site – This is for those dealership groups that have multiple commercial dealerships.  This routine can combine the vehicles of all commercial sites into a single inventory.  This inventory can include logos and contact information for each vehicle, based on the vehicle’s ownership.  Price Available Upon Request