Dealer Dashboard & Inventory Management

Knowledge is Power!

Our Dealer Dashboard offers many views into your inventory.  Below are some summary examples, full detail reports support each summary report.    

Weekly information Snapshot

To help ensure your success,  every week you will receive an email containing a weekly snapshot of selected Dashboard reports.  This weekly snapshot will include your Google Analytics report for the past 7 days.  It will also include an summarized aging report of your inventory.  Other summary reports can be included at your request.  The report below includes a High/Low report for your price fields.  This can highlight pricing problems before a buyer finds them. 

Google Analytics Report

An Objective Evaluation of Your Commercial Websites

We include your Google Analytics report because it is an objective evaluation of your commercial website’s performance.  Without this, you really don’t know how your website is performing.

You will receive a report, of the past 7 days, in the Dashboard’s snapshot emailed to you weekly.

The Dealer Dashboard will include your Google Analytics report for the previous month.  

Aging Summary Report

This summary report in broken down by set ranges of days-in-inventory.      It shows the number of vehicles in each range, along with the percentage based on the total number of vehicles in your inventory. 

The detail report shows the vehicles that make up each days-in-inventory range.

Inventory Valuation Summary Report

This summary report shows the number of vehicles for each truck type.  It also shows the investment amount in that truck type and the percentage of the investment based on the total inventory investment. 

The detail report shows your investment in every vehicle in your inventory. 

Pricing Report

This report helps ensure your vehicle’s prices are correct. 

This summary report shows the 3 website prices; MSRP, Sell and Special.  The High and Low percentages are based on a comparison with the Invoice price. 

This provides a quick, easy and effective way to know that all vehicles in your inventory have website prices that are within an acceptable range. 

The detail report shows information for each vehicle. 

Truck Type Report

This report helps ensure your vehicle’s are categorized correctly.

This report shows how each truck is categorized both in your website inventory and on national advertising sites.  Ensuring this accuracy ensures buyers are finding your trucks when they need them. From this report you can update the categories, as needed.  There is no summary report for this report, but there is a link to it from the Dashboard. 

Combined Inventory Report, By Truck Type

This report shows your inventory count by truck type.   This report, as the one to the left, can include In-Transit/On-Order, provided they are included in the website inventory. 


Sold Units Days-In-Inventory Summary Report

This report can help support your purchasing decisions.

This report shows the Days-In-Inventory for vehicles sold in the last year.  It is broken down by truck type.  The report shows the average number of days each truck type was in your inventory for the time period. 

The detail  report shows the Days-In-Inventory for each vehicle.