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 “1-Click” Inventory Search

Our inventory features a “1-Click” inventory search.  Commercial buyers, from a single click on the Home page, will see all of your trucks in a selected category.   Try it yourself!  Click the link below to get to our demonstration website.  (We don’t count this click.) Then when our Home page appears, hover your mouse over the “Inventory” menu.  A drop-down list will appear, and simply click on the type of trucks you want to see.  The result is our “!-Click” inventory search results.  Can’t get much simpler than this.   

Works with any web page, even third party website pages!

Inventory Truck Types – Customized for Your Dealership

The dealer selects the truck types to include as  their inventory search options.  And these can change as your needs and market change.   The truck types can be from the common, to the obscure.  Even  completely new truck type are not an issue, e.g. Cargo Van w/Crew Cab. 

Common Search Options – Inventory Dependent

Our search options are found at the top of the main inventory page.  We know that today’s fashion is for them to be on the left side of the page, but our dealers prefer it at the top, and for good reason. 

The main six search options, Type, Make, Model, Fuel, Drive and Cab, are all dependent on the inventory.  For instance, if you select Ford as the make the Models option will only show Ford models, and more importantly, only the Ford models you have in stock. 

Advanced Search Options

Besides the common search options listed above, our system also offers advanced search options.  These include searches for Stock Number, VIN, Cab-to-Axle, Engine, Wheel Base,  Body Companies, Model Codes and more. Plus we can include  feature searches, based on the dealership unique needs.  These feature search options might include PTO, gaseous prep, ….  You decide!

Search Option Link Builder

This feature might be easiest to explain with an example.  You get a call from a buyer wanting a F-250,  diesel, 4×4 pickup.  You do the search and have several  What do you do now?

One option is our Search Option Link Builder.  With this feature you can send the buyer an email that includes a link.  This link will take them to this exact same inventory search results that you are seeing.  

We also offer the ability of naming the created search link, so you can use it over and over. 

Truck Image Buttons for Selecting a Truck Type Search

As mentioned in one of the features above, we offer a truck type search from the Home page, so this option might be somewhat redundant. However, we do offer truck image buttons, on the main inventory page, for truck type searches.  

Work Truck Images

Images are important for a visual medium like the Internet.  And buyers searching for products on the Internet expect images of the product.  Work trucks are no exception!

Our inventory offers both a one-up large image and a three-up set of smaller images.  The three-up set offers a quick view of all images, while the over-sized images lets a buyer get a more detailed look at the truck.    

Body Information

The body information is very important to work truck buyers and our system offers the body information they want and need.  The information often includes body company, model, size, features and more.   

Truck Specifics

Trucks Specifics – Unlike retail buyers, commercial buyers have a keen interest in how the truck is configured. Our system shows them what they want. 

Pricing Portal

Today if you want to effectively compete you need to show MSRP and the Sell Price. Our inventory system offers these, as well as a Special Pricing routine.  The Special Pricing routine allows you to put in a Special Price, as well as an expiration date.  This expiration date will show along with the Special Price in the inventory.  Plus the Special Price will automatically be removed when the expiration date is reached.

(Regular Pricing. Blue text statement changeable)


(Special Pricing. Red text statement changeable)

Quick Quote Routine

Do you find yourself, and your salespeople, spending too much time just creating quotes?  If so, our Quick Quote routine is for you.  It takes seconds to create quotes through our inventory system.  The quote will contain information specific to the truck being quoted, as well as links for the truck’s vehicle details page, window sticker, body invoice and truck invoice, provided the invoices are available. 

Sales History Tracking

Like most sales trackers, it captures the purchase transaction of your sales, but unlike most, ours captures the type of truck, too

Limited, Selective Inventory Augmenter

This routine adds upfit trucks to your commercial inventory.  It is unique in several ways.  First, we only augment truck types that you don’t have any of in your inventory.  Second, we only include upfits that have real images.  Third, we limit the number of upfits for each category to three trucks.  Finally, we only include upfit trucks that have been in the dealership’s inventory for at least 90 days.  

Commercial Truck Trader Automatic Updating

Our system can automatically update many of the national and regional advertising websites, including Commercial Truck Trader.  Plus for Commercial Truck Trader not only can we update their inventory automatically,  we can include each truck in up to 3 truck type categories.  And the dealer has complete control over what 3 categories are selected. 

Truck Paper Reconciliation Report

Unfortunately our system cannot automatically update Truck Paper, but we do offer a reconciliation report.  This report will compare your website inventory with your inventory on Truck Paper and show the differences. 

Google Analytics

Analyzing Website Performance – Google Analytics offers an excellent analysis of your website’s traffic and performance.  We can incorporate Google Analytics into the Work Truck Pros’ supplied website and inventory system.  You then will have direct access to your website’s actual results.

Call us for a complete list of our features and a demonstration of our system. 

Advanced Options

Large Upfit Inventory Package

Heavy Duty Trucks – Our inventory can include heavy duty trucks and trailers. If you are a full line dealership, doesn’t it make sense to have one inventory for all of your vehicles, instead of several partial inventories?  Call for details.

Multi-Site Systems – If your dealership group has multiple commercial departments, our Multi Site System may be for you.  It can combine the inventories of all your dealerships into a single inventory, like the national advertising sites.  There are many advantages to this option and many ways to display the combined inventory.  We will help you find the right one for your group.