“1-Click” Work Truck Inventory
Designed to Meet Your Work Truck Needs!


Our inventory features a “1-Click” inventory search.  Commercial truck buyers, from a single click on the Home page, will see all of your trucks in a selected category.

Try it yourself!  Click the link below to get to our demonstration website.  (We don’t count this click.) When our Home page appears, hover your mouse over the “Inventory” menu.  A drop-down list of truck categories will appear. Simply click on the type of truck you want to see.  The result is our “!-Click” inventory, showing every truck in the inventory for that category.  Can’t get much simpler than “1-Click”.

Works with any web page, even 3rd party website pages!

Standard Features

Inventory Page Background – You Select

Standout from the crowd.  You pick the color or image for the background of your inventory page. 

Truck Types Based on Your Market and Needs

You, the dealer, selects the truck types as your inventory search options.  These can change as your needs and market change.  The truck types can be from the common, to the most obscure.

Inventory Search Options

Why are our search options found at the top of page?  Because it is easier for the buyers.   

Side searches often require the buyer to keep paging back down the page to select all of their search options needs, our does not.

Plus the main search options, Type, Make, Model, Fuel, Drive and Cab, are all dependent.  If Ford is selected as the Make, then only Ford models available in the inventory are shown as options for Models.  If Ford and F-350 have been selected then Fuel will only show the fuel types available, in the inventory, for Ford F-350.  And so on.

Advanced Search Options

Besides the common search options, our inventory also offers advanced search options.  These include:

  • Stock Number
  • Last 8 of the VIN
  • Cab-to-Axle
  • Wheel Base
  • Engine Code
  • Year Code
  • Model Code
  • Body Companies

Our inventory even offers dealer specific search options, e.g.  PTO, gaseous prep, ….  

Search Link Builder

This feature lets you capture an inventory search as a link.  For instance, a search for all Super Duty trucks with both a crew cab and diesel engine .

One of the most popular uses for the link, is for emailing to a buyer.  This let’s the  buyer see exactly what you want them to see.

It is a dynamic search so it always reflects your current inventory. 

These Search Link can be captured, so the search can be used over and over again.  Since it is a  dynamic search the link is as relevant a year from now. 

Truck Type Search from the Main Inventory Page

Selecting the needed truck type from the main inventory page can be by image, as shown here.  The trucks types to include, along with the images representing them, are determined by the dealer.   

Above the image, in this example, are three tabs; Common Truck Types, Most Popular Types and Landscaping Types.

The tabs along with the truck types associated with the tabs are also determined by the dealer. 

Work Truck Images

Images are important for a visual medium like the Internet.  And buyers searching for products on the Internet expect images of the product.  Work trucks are no exception!

Our inventory offers both a one-up large image and a three-up set of smaller images.  The three-up set offers a quick view of all images, while the over-sized images lets a buyer get a more detailed look at the truck.    

Body Invoice Display Option (or Window Stickers for the Body)

Body Invoice Display Option 
(or Window Stickers for the Body)

The body information is very important to work truck buyers.  We offer body brochures when available, but brochures by themselves can include many models and may not adequately describe the actual body on an existing upfit truck.  

We find that showing the body invoice is a very effective way of conveying the exact features and options for the body.  We do remove all pricing from the invoice. 

It is the closest you can get to a Body Window Sticker. 

Truck Specifications at a Glance

Truck Specifics

Trucks Specifics – Unlike retail buyers, commercial buyers have a keen interest in how the truck is configured. Our system shows the buyer what they need to know about the truck, when making a buying decision for their business. 

Pricing Portal

Regular Pricing
To be competitive today most dealers need to show both MSRP and the Sell Price for their vehicles.   These prices can be updated automatically by the data feed or updated manually by our easy to use pricing portal.

Special Pricing
The Special Pricing is a price that includes an expiration date.  The value of an expiration date is that it can compel the buyer to act, instead of waiting.  It is a manual update which easily handled through our Pricing Portal.  The Special Price will automatically be removed when the expiration date is reached.

This is the normal price display when both MSRP and Sell Price are available.

(Regular Pricing. Blue text statement changeable)


This is the Special Price display.  It shows both the Special price and the expiration date of that price. 

(Special Pricing. Red text statement changeable)

Create Professional Vehicle Quotes in Seconds

Create professional vehicles quotes quickly and easily. 

In literally minutes you can create a quote like this.  It offers specific information about the vehicle being quoted, along with images of the vehicle.

The quote can offer links to the vehicle’s details page, window sticker, body invoice and truck invoice, provided the invoices are available. 

Sells Transaction Capture and Reporting

The success of many commercial dealerships can often be traced back to customer retention. The more customers that you can keep and continue to sell to, the more likely you are to achieve your business goals.

Our Sells Tracker captures the purchase transaction, like most trackers, but unlike most, ours captures the type of truck, too.  Then use the reporting tool to report on past sells and manage continued contact.  Something simple as a call, email, letter, can let a commercial buyer know you remember and appreciate their business.  These contacts through the years can mean the difference between an easy sell, the next time they need a truck  or a lost customer.     


Intelligent Inventory Augmenter

Almost every commercial dealer can use a few extra upfits in their inventory, from time to time.

One approach is to dump a lot of extraneous vehicles into your inventory.  No thought as to what they are or how they fit in your inventory.  Often the vehicles don’t have real pictures, so there are just a lot of identical stock images.  

Our Intelligent Augmenter takes a different approach:  

  1. You select the upfits you want to add to your inventory 
  2. The upfit vehicles will all have real pictures.
  3. If you want us to manage the augmenting, we will. 

Commercial Truck Trader Automatic Updating, Nightly

Our system can automatically update many of the national and regional advertising websites, including Commercial Truck Trader.  Plus for Commercial Truck Trader not only can we update their inventory automatically,  we can include each truck in up to 3 truck type categories.  And the dealer has complete control over what 3 categories are selected. 

Truck Paper Reconciliation Report

Unfortunately our system cannot automatically update Truck Paper, but we do offer a reconciliation report.  This report will compare your website inventory with your inventory on Truck Paper and show the differences. 

Google Analytics

Analyzing Website Performance – Google Analytics offers an excellent analysis of your website’s traffic and performance.  We can incorporate Google Analytics into the Work Truck Pros’ supplied website and inventory system.  You then will have direct access to your website’s actual results.

Heavy Duty and Trailer Support

Our inventory can include heavy duty trucks and trailers. If you are a full line dealership, doesn’t it make sense to have one inventory for all of your vehicles, instead of several partial inventories?  Call for details.

Call for a demonstration of these capabilities, and more!