What Our Inventory System Offers

First and Foremost
Our Inventory Is Customized To Meet Your Needs!

Some Our Inventory Features

Truck Type You Need and Want –  You decide which truck types to include for your inventory.  The truck types can be from the common to the obscure, and can be combined groups like Plumber’s Trucks, Oil Field Trucks, Forestry Trucks, …  You decide. 

Powerful Search Options – Our system offers the common vehicle search options, but you can also decide what search options are important to your dealership.  These might include searches for PTO, gaseous prep, model IDs, wheel bases, VIN numbers, …

Flexible Pricing Options – Today if you want to effectively compete you need to show MSRP and the Sell Price. Our inventory system offers these, as well as a Special Pricing routine.  The Special Pricing routine allows you to put in a Special Price, as well as an expiration date.  This expiration date will show along with the Special Price in the inventory.  Plus the Special Price will automatically be removed when the expiration date is reached.  

Quick Quote Routine – Do you find yourself, and your salespeople, spending too much time just creating quotes?  If so, our Quick Quote routine is for you.  It takes seconds to create quotes through our inventory system.  The quote will contain information specific to the truck being quoted, as well as links for the truck’s vehicle details page, window sticker, body invoice and truck invoice, provided the invoices are available. 

Sales History Tracking / CRM –  Like most sales trackers, it captures the purchase transaction of your sales, but unlike most, ours captures the type of truck, too

Search Option Link Builder – This feature lets you create a shortcut that  represents the values in the six main search options; Category, Make, Model, Fuel, Drive and Cab.  Once you have the search options set to shows the relevant set of vehicles. 

Inventory Management Tools – You can’t manage what you don’t know.
Aging Report – Our system can age your commercial inventory. So you are aware of the exact age of all of your trucks.
Valuation Report – Our system can report on your total investment for active trucks in the inventory. It can even
summarize your investment by truck type.
General Reporting – Our inventory system provides some of the most in-depth reports available.

In-Transit Inventory – We offer In-Transit vehicles for your inventory.  An In-Transit vehicle includes an In-Transit label and can include ETA information.  

Selective Upfit Inventory Augmentor –  This routine adds upfit trucks to your commercial inventory.  It is unique in several ways.  First, we only augment truck types that you don’t have any of in your inventory.  Second, we only include upfits that have real images.  Third, we limit the number of upfits for each category to three trucks.  Finally, we only include upfit trucks that have been in the dealership’s inventory for at least 90 days.  

Automatic Advertising Updates – Our system can automatically update many of the national and regional websites that advertised work trucks.  For Commercial Truck Trader not only can be update their inventory automatically,  we can include each truck in up to three truck type categories.  

Analyzing Website Performance – Google Analytics offers an excellent analysis of your website’s traffic and performance.  We can incorporate Google Analytics into the Work Truck Pros’ supplied website and inventory system.  You then will have direct access to your website’s actual results.

Advanced Options

Electronic Storage of Body Invoices and/or Truck Invoices – These invoices are accessible from the truck’s vehicle details page (VDP) and any quotes created through the inventory system.  These invoices provide valuable information for the buyers and prospects, setting you apart from your competition.  

Archive Inventory – The Archive is an inventory of your sold upfit trucks. Our dealers find many uses for this inventory.  Perhaps the most valuable use is achieved when  paired with our Sales History Tracker.  When viewing the Sales History, all trucks in the Archive will have an active link for viewing from that report.  

Multi-Site Systems – If your dealership group has multiple commercial departments, our Multi Site System may be for you.  It can combine the inventories of all your dealerships into a single inventory, like the national advertising sites.  There are many advantages to this option and many ways to display the combined inventory.  We will help you find the right one for your group.