Archive Inventory - An Inventory of Sold Vehicles

Dealers find many uses for the Archive Inventory. 

Active Sales Support – Dealers show it to prospects for trucks they have had, but currently don’t have in stock.    

Post Sales Support – Ever had a past client call and want a truck like they purchased recently.   The Archive lets you see details about that vehicle.    

CRM Resource – Probably its most valuable use is as a CRM resource.  Most of you have a CRM package now.  Our Archive Inventory is a great supplement to that CRM package.  Why?  Simple, your CRM system mainly includes customer information and future contact dates.  Our Archive Inventory adds the vehicle(s) information.  Being reminded to call a past customer is important and needs to be done, having the vehicle information makes the call easier and more relevant.  Our Archive Inventory shows information similar to the example below.

Archive Example

The body and truck invoices will be available, if included when the vehicle was in the active inventory

Example Body Invoice.  

Example Window Sticker, or can be the Truck Invoice.