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Commercial Dealership Website

A website is an effective and inexpensive way to advertise your commercial dealership online.
And one of the key components of any website is your HOME Page.

The HOME Page

The HOME page is generally the main page a visitor navigating your website will see.   It is your opportunity to:

Tell Your Story
Build Your Credibility
Highlight the Services and Products You Offer
Highlight Your Expertise

And it is the key component in building your SEO.

The HOME page is arguably the most important page on your websites, as it generally gets more page views than any other page in your website. Of course, users don’t always enter a website from the homepage. People can follow links from search engines and other websites that reach deep inside your site. However, one of the first things these users do after arriving at a new site is go to the homepage.  I have heard a Home page being compared to the lobby of a hotel, the lobby may not be the most important room in a hotel, but it sets the tone for the experience.