“1-Click” Work Truck Inventory

“1-Click” Truck Type Search

Our inventory features a “1-Click” inventory search.  With one click of the mouse, a commercial buyer will see every truck in a selected truck category.  This can be done from your Home page, or any website page.  Try it yourself at our demo site! 

Our “1-Click” feature is simple.  Once at our demo website’s Home page, hover your mouse pointer over the “Inventory” menu.  A drop-down list will appear of  truck categories in the demo inventory.  Simply click on the type of truck you want and every truck for that truck type will appear.  “1-Click” inventory.   Can’t get much simpler than that.

Works with any web page, even 3rd party website pages!

Work Truck Pros Website Inventory 

Our commercial truck website inventory system was developed in 2006 and has been under constant enhancement since that time.  It can include light-, medium- and heavy-duty work vehicles, as well as trailers, industrial equipment and even passenger vehicles, .  It has many options and can be customized to meet most any inventory need.

 Inventory Customization Options 

One of the many things we have learned over the last 13 years working with commercial truck dealerships is that every dealership is different. What one dealership thinks is important in an inventory system, another doesn’t. The easy solution would have been to offer a set inventory solution, take it or leave it.  Instead we have incorporated the many ideas, brought to us by client dealers, as options in our inventory. Today, we offer one of the most flexible inventory systems on the market. You decide how your system works.  Listed below are a few options decided by the dealer.


Inventory Functions

These routines either make your life easier or more productive, or both.  

These routines allow you to control the information shown for each vehicle.

Optional Features

Call for a demonstration of these capabilities, and more!