Lead Generation

SEO – Our website solution generates SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – An inventory alone generates some SEO, but a website generates more. SEO means higher placement in search engine results, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, … This means more commercial buyers finding your website.

XML Sitemap – Our inventory generates a XML sitemap for your inventory and includes both truck types and upfit body manufacturers.  This sitemap is sent to the search engines weekly.  This generates additional SEO for your website. 

Your Commercial Domain – These services are all to benefit your commercial domain.  It is your 21st century phone number!  Make sure the SEO you are creating is benefiting you, not your retail dealership or some third party’s domain.

Internet Marketing – Getting buyers to find your trucks on national sites

Updating of National & Regional Work Truck Advertising Websites – Our system can automatically update many of the national and regional advertising websites specializing in  work trucks.  For some we can even add your trucks to multiple truck categories. We also offer a reconciliation report for some of the websites that do not offer automatic advertising. This report makes it easier to insure your inventory is up-to-date on those websites.

Conversion- -Getting buyers in contact with you.

A Website Generates Credibility, and Credibility Means Conversion -A commercial website means more information shared about your commercial department.  More information means more credibility with buyers.  More credibility means more contacts and more conversions.

Images – In a visual medium like the Internet the images are very important for any products. Work trucks are no different.  For the highest success real images of the trucks must be included.  To highlight those images we offer both medium and large formats of the images. 

Special Pricing Feature – Our inventory includes the ability to show a Special Price for the vehicle.  The Special Price has an expiration date, which is shown on the website.  This expiration date can compel a buyer to contact you, knowing that the price will increase when the Special Price expires.  

A Website Generates Interest in Other Work Truck Services and Products -A commercial website can advertise your many associated work truck products and services, e.g. commercial leasing, extended maintenance plans, upfit options, … . increasing the potential for additional interest and interest generates conversions.

One Click Search – From the Home page buyers can select and view the truck type they need, with only 1 click. 

Multiple Categories per Truck – Many upfit work trucks can and should be included in multiple  truck type categories.  This insures that a buyer finds every possible truck that might meet their needs. 

In-Transit and On-Order Trucks – Our inventory can include both your On-Order and  In-Transit vehicles.  The difference between a lead and the buyer moving on to a competitors website might be one of these trucks. 

Vehicle Information – When shopping the Internet for any product, information about that product is important.  That is even more true when the product can be configured in so many ways, like a chassis and the upfit body.  To address this, our system has the ability to display both the chassis and upfit invoices, without pricing.     

Contact Us Forms – Each truck’s listing and vehicle detail page includes multiple Contact Us form opportunities.