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What’s New

Body and Truck Invoices Can Now be Added to Our Inventory 04.24.19 – We can now associate Body and/or Truck invoices with vehicles in our  inventory.  We can even remove the prices on those invoices.  These invoices can be accessible from the Vehicles Detail Page and quotes created through the inventory.  This feature will add value for the buyer and set you apart from your competition.

XML Sitemap Update 03.31.19 – Our XML sitemap, the one submitted to the search engines, can now includes links for cities and industries. This support helps you influence your search engine results.        

Search Option Link Builder (New Feature) 02.07.19 – The Search Option Link Builder will create a shortcut link that can be sent to your prospects.  This shortcut link will capture the current settings of the six major search options; Category, Make, Model, Fuel, Drive and Cab/Body.  When the prospect clicks on this link it will show them your inventory with the exact same search settings already set.  Instead of trying to tell a prospect how to set the search options, you can set them for the prospect and email them a link that will show the results you want them to see.   

Quote System (Update) 02.04.19 – The quote system will now warn you when the quote price is  under the invoice  price.  This does require that the invoice price is part of the inventory system. 

Server and Security Upgrade 12.18/01.19 – We recently upgraded our servers and security system.  This was a major upgrade and both December and January were committed to this upgrade.  

Special Price Field  Upgrade 11.15.18 – The Special Price field has been resized to match our regular price fields.  The Expiration Date associated with the Special Price field has also been resized.  We also updated the Commercial Truck Trader feed and now include the expiration date in the description sent to them.  When the Special Price reaches the expiration date and regular price returns, the expiration date in the CTT description is also removed.     

Sell Price Field  Upgrade 11.10.18 – The Sell Price field has been resized in order to make it more visible to clients. .     

Image Selection Menu for the Main Inventory Page, Upgrade 10.15.18 – The Image Selection menu for the  main inventory page has been updated.  The truck types to be included on that menu could always be customized by the dealer, to fit their needs, and now the images can too.  The dealer can use our default images, or make images of their own.          

Invoice Price Reporting Update 09.23.18 – We can now support both an invoice price for the truck, as well as the upfit body, if the truck has one.   Both prices will appear on the valuation report, along with the calculated combined price.    

The Inventory Valuation Report Can Now be Sorted by Truck Type 09.14.18 – When the report is sorted by Truck Type, each Truck Type will show an inventory valuation for that truck type.  The total inventory valuation will still appear at the bottom of the report. 

Google Analytics Support 06.06.18 – We can now include a Google Analytics script in the inventory pages.  This will provide more detailed traffic analytics for the inventory. 

Sells Support Printable Inventory Report 04.16.18 – A printable inventory report has been created for supporting sales calls.  This report will include summary information about each truck along with a photo.   This report can easily be shared with the prospect, and even left behind for the prospect to review at their leisure. 

Large Truck Photos for the Truck’s Showcase Page 03.03.18 – The Truck’s Showcase now includes both  the regular size photos, that we have always supported, as well as the new larger size photos.