Websites & Inventory Systems
For Work Truck and Professional Car Dealerships
Designed To Help You Sell More Vehicles

Work Truck Zone

Here is how our system helps you sell more vehicles!

Dealership's Website

As a dealership dedicated to specialty vehicles, you need a website more than most dealership.  You sell a unique product and your buyers are nationwide.  Many buyers will not know your dealership, so how do they judge your dealership?  By the only thing available to them, your website.  A dedicated website offers you the opportunity to tell your story and your capabilities.

"1-Click" Inventory

Commercial buyers are busy people.  They expect their vehicle search to be fast and easy.  Imagine their disappointment when they find they must search your inventory, page-by-page,  too find what they need.  Many will simple go to the next dealer’s website.  Using our inventory system, a buyer will find the type of vehicle they need in as little as one mouse click from any website page, including your main website’s Home page.

Dealer Dashboard

Our Dashboard gives you in-depth knowledge about your vehicle inventory, information that may not be available otherwise.  This information will help you make informed buying and stocking decisions.  It includes Google Analytics report for the past 7  and 28 days, which helps you evaluate advertising efforts. 

Fast Truck Search  -  Nationwide Credibility  -  Enhanced Inventory Information

Clients’ Sites

Weber Trucks

Our Inventory, Their Website. All under the same Domain

Dealer to Dealer Site

B2B Wholesale Site for Used Low Mileage Vehicles. Password Required

Rusty Eck Ford

Their Website, Our Inventory with Our Augmented Upfit Inventory

Olathe Ford Commercial

Website & Inventory System

Battlefield Ford Commercial

Our "Truck Type" Inventory System, Their Website

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Our Commitment to Your Success

Our commitment is to helping our dealerships sell more work trucks.
Here  are the reasons for your success.

1. We understand what it takes to market work trucks to commercial buyers through the Internet.

2. . Our inventory system can be  customized to meet the business needs of your dealership and the market.  One size does not fit all!

3. And finally,  we continually work on making our solutions better and more effective, both for the dealer and the commercial buyer.