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Work Truck Websites & Inventory Systems

Our System Is Configurable
You Only Pay For The Options You Select
Typical Price Range Is $199 to $699 Per Month

Standard Inventory Features

Your work truck dealership is unique and  our inventory systems is designed  to address that uniqueness

The dealer selects the truck types for their inventory.  Future changes are expected and included.


Truck types can be any truck (or trailer) type,  which includes completely custom types. 

Include a truck type search from your Home page, any Home page, including 3rd party sites.

This is an example of a drop-down search from a Home page. 

Every inventory includes Google Analytics.  This is an objective measure or your website performance.

This is an example of a Google Analytics report. 

Every website and inventory is built under a domain your dealership owns.  The SEO generated is yours!

Selectable Inventory Options

Our inventory is built the same way a service body is built.
Above are available service body options, but the buyer only wants to include (and pay) for the options they need!
Below are options for our inventory, you select (and pay) for only the options you need.

Sales Console Option

This routine is a copy of our Active Inventory but offers advanced information for each vehicle.  It is password secured.  Some of what it offers:

    • Vehicle Quote System 
    • Personalized Brochures w/Saleperson’s Information
    • Vehicle Search Options,for the Vehicle being viewed
      • View All Vehicles with an Identical Model Code(*)
      • View All Vehicles with an Identical Cab-to-Axle
      • View All Vehicles of the Same Category
    • Addendum Sticker Printing (Option)
    • Days-In-Inventory Stock Number
    • Electronic Document Retrieval for Vehicle Being Viewed, e.g. invoice, worksheets, …

(*) Not possible for all vehicles.

Sales Console
Example of Sales ConsoleTruck Listing

Management Dashboard Option

This option provides information about your vehicle inventory.  Information you need to effectively manage your inventory. Some of what it offers:

    • Website Performance Reports
      • Google Analytics
      • “Hits” Report
      • Truck Type Search Report.
    • Inventory Valuation Reports
      • Full Inventory Report 
      • Sub Totaled by Truck Type
      • Sub Totaled by Aging Group
    • Inventory Aging Report
      • Summarized Report for Full Inventory
      • Detailed Report for Full Inventory
      • Summarized and Detail Reports for Specific Truck Types
    • Days-In-Inventory Report, which shows the average number of days each truck type was in your inventory, based on sold units.  (Requires Archive Inventory Option)
Drop-Down Menu From The Home Page Navigation

Website Option

Your Home page is the most important and most viewed page for any website. 

An inventory without a website is like a box truck without advertising.  Great  opportunity missed. 

    • The Home page is your opportunity to  highlight what you offer a commercial buyer. 
    • The Home page can highlight any specialty you offer. 
    • Your Home page helps create a positive feeling about your dealership.
    • Your Home page is the key page for generating Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Home Page

U-Print Addendum Sticker Option

    • An Addendum Sticker is a powerful, easy and effective lot advertising tool.
    • It highlights body and/or truck options added to the vehicle.  It can also include pricing for these items. 
    • Edit and print these Addendum stickers at your dealership on a common office printer.

U-Print QR Sticker Option

    • A QR code can be included on an Addendum Sticker or be a Sticker itself
    • When scanned the cell phone will show the Vehicle’s Detail Page
    • Many cell phones are equipped to scan these QR codes. 
    • These can be printed by the dealership on a common office printer.
Addendum Sticker Example

Electronically Document Storage and Retrieval 

This feature offers both value and time savings to our dealers.  Imagine having vehicle and body invoices at your fingertips, anywhere you have access to the Internet

    • Our system lets you electronically store and retrieve documents for each vehicle. 
    • The documents can be viewed any where you have access to the Internet.
    • These documents can be included for vehicles in the Archive Inventory. 
Body Invoice Example

Repeat Purchase Manager (RPM) for Work Trucks

An upfit work truck is a repeat purchase item. Use this system to help ensure the buyers remember you when it is time to replace their work trucks.  Some of what it offers:

Designed to Supplement Your CRM System

    • Archive inventory of your sold vehicles. 
    • The Archive provides detail information about the sold vehicle.   
    • The Archive can include any documents originally associated with the vehicle.   
    • The Archive can search by truck type, by date range and VIN.
    • The buyer can be associated with each vehicle. 
Archived VDP

Automatic Updating Services for Most Advertising Sites Options

Our system insures your website’s and advertising site’s inventories are in sync. 

    • The Commercial Truck Trader feed includes 3 truck types for each vehicle.
    • Truck Paper does not offer a direct feed, but our system can reconcile the inventories making add and deletes accurate and easy.
    • Supports most national and regional sites that can accept data file updating.

Advertising Is Still King!

Trcuk Type Examples

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Your 21st Century Phone Number

An inventory without a website is like a box truck without advertising.  Great  opportunity missed. 

    • Your website will have a domain registered to your dealership. 
    • SEO is associated with your domain, so it is always yours.
    • The Home page is SEO optimized.
    • Meta data, a key component of SEO and is customized for your dealership
    • A sitemap is created for your inventory to maximize SEO impact.
    • A Google Analytics account will be created for your website, so you can continually evaluate your website traffic.

Subset Inventories Option

This inventory is a subset of your full inventory.  It is invaluable for dealerships that specialize in unique or specific markets. 

Not having these tools is like having a boat without a rudder. 

    • Each inventory is a stand alone inventory and includes only selected vehicles.
    • Build a custom website designed around your subset industry. 

Industry Examples

  • EMT Vehicles
  • Lumber/Timber Industry
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Package Delivery Vans
  • Refrigerated Deliveries 
  • Food Trucks

There Are More Options, Call Us!


3 Reasons for Our Dealer’s Success

1. Each work truck inventory is custom built to meet the needs and market of the dealership.

2. We understand what it takes to market work trucks through a website inventory. 

3. We continually work with our dealers to make our inventory system better and more effective.

About Us

Work Truck Pros is part of Advanced Integration Technologies (AIT).  AIT has been helping companies manage and control their warehouse inventories since 1994.  In 2006 we brought that inventory know-how and knowledge to work truck dealerships.  The company formed was named Work Truck Pros.  The inventory created is an excellent tool for marketing your truck inventory through your website.  Just as important, our inventory also helps you manage your truck inventory by providing helpful and insightful information about your inventory.