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Websites & Inventory Systems
For Work Trucks and Work Truck Dealers

Solutions that are both affordable and effective
Featuring Truck Type Search Options Based On Your Specific Needs
These search options can be changed as needed and can be active on both your Home page, as well as your Truck Inventory page
Sales History Tracker by Truck Type
Unlike many sales history trackers, ours tracks by truck type. It can even be integrated with our Archive Inventory.
Quote System
Create and email truck quotes in second. These quotes are created through our inventory system and includes truck feature and images. The quotes are saved within our system until the truck is sold.
Inventory Management Reports
Among our many reports is a vehicle aging report, vehicle valuation report (by truck type) and pricing history report. Information needed in order to manage an inventory of any type.
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Slider Images for Your Website
Slider images, like this, are an effective way to market your trucks and services. They are tailored to your specific needs and are updated monthly.

Services We Offer



A dedicated work truck website, with a unique domain, will set you apart from your competition.  



Our inventory system can be customized for you, in order to address your unique business needs and market. 



A dedicated website, unique  domain and integrated inventory, combine to generate SEO for your dealership.

Some of Our Client's Sites

Our dealerships demand and expect more

Rusty Eck Ford

Our Commercial Inventory Augmented with Upfits from Other Dealers

Battlefield Ford Commercial

Truck Type Inventory

D2D Vans

Dealer to Dealer Low Mileage Used Vans, Dealer Trade Pricing

Shawnee Mission Ford

Website & Inventory System

Work Truck USA

A Multi-Site Inventory with independent, non-associated dealers

Dealer Trade Site for New Ford Upfit Trucks

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Our Background

Inventory Management

Advanced Integration Technologies, parent of Work Truck Pros, was incorporated in 1994. Our business was bringing inventory management solutions to businesses using advanced data collection technologies, like bar code data collection and voice recognition.

Vehicle Inventory Expertise

In 2002 we were asked, by a website design company, to create a vehicle inventory system for a very large car dealership in Dallas. Using our inventory expertise and their Internet expertise, we created a vehicle inventory system that both effectively managed and marketed the vehicle inventory through the Internet.

Work truck commitment

Due to our gained automotive knowledge and expertise, in 2006 we were asked to create an inventory for the commercial department of a very successful Ford dealership. What seemed like a slam dunk to us, soon turned out to be anything but that. However, we love working with the uniqueness of he commercial trucks and have dedicated ourselves to it ever since.

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Your Success, Our Commitment

Our commitment is to helping our dealerships sell more work trucks.
Here  are the reasons for your success.

1. We understand what it takes to market work trucks to commercial buyers through the Internet.

2. Our system provides the commercial sales manager the information they need in order to effectively manage their work truck inventory.

3. Our inventory system can be  customized to meet the business needs of your dealership and the market.  One size does not fit all!

4. And finally,  we continually work on making our solutions better and more effective, both for the dealer and the commercial buyer.