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Website & Inventory Solutions For:

  • Work Trucks
  • Semi Tractor & Trailers
  • Professional Vehicles
  • Industrial Vehicles/Equipment

Featuring Our 

Work Truck Inventory for Websites

Starting at $99/Month – Works With Any Website

More Than Your Typical Work Truck Inventory 

Show & Tell Features

  • Powerful Truck Type Search Options
  • Relevant truck and body information
  • Access to the vehicle’s window sticker, body invoice, truck invoice, pre-owned vehicle assessment report, and more 

Sales Kit Tools

  • Dedicated Salesperson’s Inventory
  • Electronic Retrieval of truck invoice, body invoice, pre-owned assessment reports , …
  • Days In Inventory field
  • Quick Quote Routine

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Aging Reports
  • Inventory Value by Truck Type
  • Pricing History
  • Truck Type Review and Modification
  • On-Hold Repoting

Work Truck Zone

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Our Commitment to Your Success

Our commitment is to helping our dealerships sell more work trucks.
Here  are the reasons for your success.

1. We understand what it takes to market work trucks to commercial buyers through the Internet.

2. . Our inventory system can be  customized to meet the business needs of your dealership and the market.  One size does not fit all!

3. And finally,  we continually work on making our solutions better and more effective, both for the dealer and the commercial buyer.