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Work Truck Zone Inventory

A Great Website Inventory, But Most Dealers Like It For It’s Sales & Management Tools!

Designed for work trucks, but it works for most any vehicle type, even boats!

Inventory Features

Our inventory has everything you need in a commercial truck and equipment inventory!

  • Easily add, edit and delete vehicles
  • Add up to 48 images per vehicle
  • Multiple vehicle/equipment pricing options
  • Sales history tracking system
  • Customized VIN decoder
  • Updates Commercial Truck Trader automatically and reconciles Truck Paper inventory

Management Tools

Our inventory provides the information you need to manage your inventory. 

  • Aged Inventory, including aged inventory within truck categories
  • Inventory valuation, summarized by truck categories.
  • Average days-in-inventory of truck categories, based on past sales
  • Sales history by client

Sales Tools

The success of your salespeople can be greatly aided by the tools they are given.    Our private inventory sales tools gives your salespeople the information they need to achieve their success.

  • Advanced Feature Search (with the features being determined by the dealership)
  • Days On Floor Plan
  • Invoice/Cost Pricing
  • On-Hold Notification and Pertinent On-Hold Information 
  • Electronic Retrieval of Vehicle Documents (truck invoice, body invoice, used vehicle assessment reports, … )
  • Fast and easy quote routine

Scan The Lot

Our inventory offers two bar code scanning features.

  • The QR code at the top of the label to the left contains information about the vehicle.  Scan that QR code using any cell phone bar code scanning app and see what it contains. 
  • The bar code at the bottom of the label is used for vehicle lot tracking and reconciliation.

Sales History / Customer Loyalty

The success of your dealership can depend on a large part to long-term loyal customers.    Our Sales History routine will help foster these long-term relationship.   Here is some of what it offers:

  • Date range search of sales transactions
  • Sales transactions include salesperson, truck type, customer and more.
  • Can interface to our Archive inventory 
  • Can take advantage of our Electronic Storage & Retrieval of Vehicle Documents (truck invoice, body invoice, used vehicle assessment reports, … )

Specialty Inventory

Our specialty inventory is a duplicate of the main inventory or a subset of that inventory.  How do dealers use this inventory.

  • Some dealers cater to specific industries.  This inventory can include only the vehicles associated with that industry.
  • Some dealers have large clients and this inventory lets them include only the vehicles purchased by the client and shown with their pricing.

Accessories Inventory

Most dealers have more to offer than just the vehicles and trailers on their lot.  Such inventories might include:

  1. Parts
  2. Accessories
  3. Services
  4. Equipment
  5. Attachments

Welcome To

Work Truck Pros

Work Truck Pros is part of Advanced Integration Technologies (AIT).  AIT has been helping companies manage and control their warehouse inventories since 1994.  In 2006 we brought that inventory know-how and knowledge to work truck dealerships.  The company formed was named Work Truck Pros.  The inventory created is an excellent tool for marketing your truck inventory through your website.  Just as important, our inventory also helps you manage your truck inventory by providing helpful and insightful information about your inventory.  

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Our Commitment to Your Success

Our commitment is to helping our dealerships achieve greater success

Here  are the reasons for our dealer’s success

1. We understand what it takes to market trucks to commercial buyers through the Internet.

2. No two dealerships are the same, so our inventory is customized to meet the needs of each dealership.  

3. We continually work on making our solutions better and more effective, for the dealer, the salesperson and the commercial buyer.