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Lead Generation

A dedicated commercial website can highlight your dealership’s capabilities.

Our Work Truck inventory system is the basis for all we do.
It has proven to be an invaluable tool for  buyers, salespeople and managers.

Our system helps generate leads for your commercial dealership.

Clients’ Sites

Weber Ford Work Truck Center

Website & Inventory System

Dealer to Dealer Site

B2B Wholesale Site. Password Required

Freeway Ford Work Trucks

Their Website, Our Inventory

Olathe Ford Commercial

Website & Inventory System

Battlefield Ford Commercial

Their Website, Our "Truck Type" Inventory

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Our Commitment to Your Success

Our commitment is to helping our dealerships sell more work trucks.
Here  are the reasons for your success.

1. We understand what it takes to market work trucks to commercial buyers through the Internet.

2. . Our inventory system can be  customized to meet the business needs of your dealership and the market.  One size does not fit all!

3. And finally,  we continually work on making our solutions better and more effective, both for the dealer and the commercial buyer.